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  1. PRICE –With low overhead and high-volume buying power, we are able to offer the best prices in the Mid South.
  2. SELECTION – Pools today are bigger and better than ever. We offer a variety of sizes, styles, and packages designed to fit any budget.
  3. DISPLAYS – We have a total of 17 filled pools on display at both of our locations. Our pool display yards show a variety of sizes and styles so that you can make a more informed decision for your family pool.
  4. SALESPEOPLE –Come by and speak with one of our low-pressure, non-commissioned salespeople. We make shopping for your pool easy.
  5. SERVICE – We guarantee that our installation and service are the best in the Mid South. Our friendly staff of experienced professionals will make your above ground pool installation easy.  After your pool installation, our loyal, knowledgeable store staff will make caring for your pool simple and easy.
  6. VERMICULITE – In addition to saving you time and money, vermiculite makes the floor of your pool more comfortable to walk on and makes your pool liner last longer.  Check out more information about this product below and find out why vermiculite is better that sand.
Round Above Ground swimming pool
Round Above Ground swimming Pool installation
Round Above Ground swimming Pools
Oval Above Ground swimming Pools
Above Ground Swimming Pool Round
Above Ground Pools
Round Above Ground Swimming Pool
Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool
Above Ground Swimming Pool Oval

Above Ground Pools

Our above ground pool styles vary according to color, material, and frame size.
  Durability, appearance, and price are all factors that a consumer should consider when trying to decide which pool to purchase. Manufacturer’s warranties on our pools range from 1 year to 30 years.  Most of our pools even come with a Stainless Steel service panel for additional durability.  Pool 
Layaway and Financing are available. Financing is subject to approved credit.

Pool Liners

The liner in your pool is one of the most important and visible parts of your pool package.  We use only Kafco “Ultra Seam” Liners in all of our pools. Standard industry liners show visible seam lines on the pool floor. The Kafco “Ultra Seam” process makes the floor seams stronger and virtually invisible, leaving nothing to get in the way of the beauty of your pool. Compare the Kafco “Ultra Seam” Liners to the other liner brands that our competitors use.
All of our Kafco liners are made with bleach resistant inks and UV inhibitors to protect against fading and sun damage. Our liners are also equipped with algae inhibitors, which aid normal sanitizers to protect your liner for a long life.

Installation Package

A quality pool installation package should be an important part of any pool purchase. Just as purchasing quality shingles will not result in a quality roof without a good roofer; a quality pool will not last without a quality installation company to insure that everything is done correctly the first time.

Smith Pool offers a complete Installation Package by including Specialty Vermiculite for underneath the liner. No sand is needed.  Vermiculite for above ground pools forms a soft, resilient, permanent pad that won’t rot or decay.

Using vermiculite for your above ground swimming pool installation saves you money and hassle.  You can save up to $400 by not having to pay for a load of sand.  Using vermiculite eliminates the hassle of sand delivery – no scheduling times for delivery, no dump truck driving on your driveway, no sand pile left in your yard, and no dead spot of grass where the sand pile was dumped.

In addition to saving you the cost and hassle of sand delivery, vermiculite provides a much softer pool base under the liner, making the pool floor much more comfortable to walk on for years to come. Vermiculite is non-abrasive. So it will not wear holes in your liner over time as sand often does.

Not only will Specialty Vermiculite save you money, time, and hassle, but vermiculite will also make your pool liner last longer. Why would anyone still want to use sand under their new above ground pool?

Installation Package

New Above Ground Pool Installation Company
New Above Ground Pool Installation Company

Leveling Blocks

Pool Installation Services

Spreading Nutgrass Killer

New Above Ground Pool Installation Companies

Vermiculite Bags

New Above Ground Pool Installation Companies

Vermiculite Bags

New Above Ground Pool Installation Southaven, MS

Pouring Vermiculite

New Above Ground Pool Installation Southaven, MS

Spreading Vermiculite

Installation Process

Smith Pools offer a unique installation process that separates the two important parts of your pool installation.  Since we use our own employees, not subcontractors, to install our pools, we have much better control over the quality of your pool installation.

One crew will level the site, the dig crew, and another crew will assemble the pool, the build crew.  This specialization of the pool installation process provides a cleaner and smoother installation.

The Smith Pool dig crew will level the pool site to within a ½” around the perimeter of the pool.  Our crew does not use blocks and sand to “level” the pool perimeter.  We actually level the pool site and recess blocks into the ground for added stability under each pool post. Installation crews from other companies will use the delivered sand and blocks to level the pool perimeter instead of leveling the ground. This shortcut to save the crew time will result in a pool that will not stay level.

The build crew will use the most efficient process in assembling your pool.  We will fill a 1,000 gal plastic tank while we work so that we can pump the water into your pool.  This ensures that the liner is set before we leave your pool site. Other installation crews will leave the pool site before the liner is completely set, leaving the chance that your liner will have wrinkles on the floor of your pool.

With over 38 years experience installing above ground pools, you can rest assured that your pool will be installed efficiently and correctly.

Pool Installation

Above Ground Pool Installation
Above Ground Pool Installation Dirtwork

Cat skid steer moving into the dirt

Above Ground Pool Installers

Leveling the bottom track

Above Ground Pool Installers

Site Prepped for Pool Assembly

Above Ground Pool Installers in Memphis, TN

Rolling out the wall

Above Ground Pool Installers in Memphis, TN

Attaching the SS panel.

above ground swimming pools with installation

Spreading Vermiculite

Pool Liner Repair

Installing the Liner

Upgrade Your Above Ground Pool Liner

Install ledges and caps

New Above Ground Pool Installation Service

Filling Pool from Water Tank

above ground swimming pools pictures

Working Out Liner Wrinkles

Above Ground Pool Installation

Adding Water from Tank

Replacing your pool liner

Installing Skimmer

New Pool Installation

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