Winterizing Above Ground Swimming Pools – Why It Can’t Wait

Winterizing Above Ground Swimming Pools

Winterizing Above Ground Swimming Pools – Why It Can’t Wait

It is amazing to have an above ground pool in your backyard during the summers, to help you cool down and chill in the heat. However, as winter approaches, winterizing above ground swimming pools can be a daunting task. However, there is no other way about it. We provide a complete guide to help you through the process of winterizing above ground swimming pools, which is helpful for new pool owners as well as old ones.

Why Bother With Winterizing Above Ground Swimming Pools?

Swimming pool winterization is an essential part if you want your pool to stay in its best condition, and improve its life. This is extremely important for above ground pools which cannot be deflated or folded and stored. It basically involves protecting your swimming pool from the cold, which can damage your pool. During the winters, water in the pool also cools down, and in some areas, may even freeze. Essentially this causes the water to expand, which can cause the pool equipment, such as liners, to get severely damaged.

How to winterize your pool?

Winterizing your pool is tedious job, that needs to be done very carefully. It is therefore a good idea to hire professionals who will offer you these services for a reasonable price. We, at Smith Pools, offer these services as well. However, if you wish to do this task yourself, it usually takes about a week.

Foremost, check the pH level of the water and adjust it if required. Ideally, this should be done at least a week before closing down the pool. The next step is to vacuum and clean the walls of the pool thoroughly, clarifying the water. The next step is to use a winterizing chemical kit to close down your pool for the winter. This needs to be done with caution and it is important to follow the instructions exactly. To winterize above ground swimming pool, the use of these chemical kits is essential, but should be done with a lot of care. This process can take about 2-3 days. Clean up all the filters, the pump basket and other equipment. Lower the water levels in your pool, however, do not completely drain in order to winterize above ground swimming pool. Inflate the air pillows, and seal the pool with a pool cover, securing it properly.

Why should you prioritize winterizing your pool?

Winterizing above ground swimming pools simply should not be delayed. This process should be carried out once a year before the winter season begins because of various reasons. In places where the temperature is close to, or falls below the freezing point, it is important to winterize an above ground swimming pool because, as the water expands, and freezes, the pool may suffer damages to its filtration system, liner and plumbing. This in turn will reduce the usable life of your pool. Moreover, in areas with warmer winters, it is still important to go through this process because algae may begin to grow on the pool sides. Additionally, sediments may also settle into the pool, causing damage to the liner, and blocking the filters.

Keep your maintenance costs low, and your above ground pool running for longer, by winterizing your pool as soon as possible.

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