Winter is coming! Time to close the pool!

Pool Closing

Winter is coming! Time to close the pool!

As the winds change and the crisp air creeps inside, it reminds you that it is time to warm up the atmosphere a bit. This is also an indication that you need to winterize your pool for the season.

The purpose of winterizing your pool is to protect it from damage that can be caused by the frozen water inside it. Closing the pool can be a lot of work, but it can really help you save a lot of money when it comes to damage repair and cleaning the next time you open it.

So here are some steps to follow when you decide to close your above ground pools.

Check Your Chemistry

When you decide to close your swimming pool, you need to make sure that the chemical levels are enough to make a balanced pH level for the water. The pH, calcium and alkalinity should all be checked for equal and balanced levels.

Balancing the chemicals in your water can help you prevent staining and etching in above ground pools. There are also specific winterizing chemical kits that keep the water in your pool blue and clear for the next season. 

Keep It Clean

Keep your pool as clean as you can for the next opening. As debris and unwanted leaves fall into the pool, they can get stuck in your drainage systems and cause a lot of damage. Get a net, and fish out everything that doesn’t belong in the pool.

If you can, scrub down the walls of your pool once before you close it. This helps prevent any sort of algae to accumulate on the walls.

Lower The Water Level

Once you’ve balanced the chemical levels and cleaned your pool for closing, now you should bring down the water levels. Lower your water level to the mark where the water goes back into your pool. Once this is done, you can disconnect your filter and keep it protected from the elements.

The skimmer should also be covered with plates that are specifically designed for this purpose. If water keeps getting in the skimmer without the filter, the skimmer may suffer damages.

Cover It Up

There are a lot of shops that can provide you with covers that fit the size of your pool. For your cover to remain in place, you can always purchase clips that can hold it securely in place.

Place the flat side of your cover on top and the curved side on the water, then secure it with clips to keep it covered even when strong winds hit. Essentially, it is recommended to keep your pool cover six inches below the pool frame. This will depend on how much of the water level has been brought down.

If you have questions regarding above ground pool closings in Memphis,  give us a call.  Our helpful staff can assist you with any questions or schedule a professional pool closing for you!

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