Why The Oval Primo Grill Is Better Than Round Grills

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Why The Oval Primo Grill Is Better Than Round Grills

If you’ve been shopping around for ceramic grills, you’ve probably heard about the Primo grill. Primo grills are Kamado-type charcoal grills with a ceramic shell that stores heat better than a standard metal grill. But what sets them apart is their oval shape, giving them a distinct egg-like appearance. But this design isn’t just for the novelty, as the Primo grill’s design gives it a handful of unique advantages over circular grills.

Efficient Heating

The chief advantage an oval Primo grill has over a standard circular grill is that it allows you to cook the food you want the way you want it. If you have ever tried to grill meat and vegetables on a circular grill, you may have noticed that the vegetables get charred before the meat cooks thoroughly. Or you may have had to roast the vegetables first and place them in a slow cooker after to keep them warm while waiting for the steaks to finish. The difference in cooking times is because the grill’s circular shape makes direct heat from the coals spread evenly. This design might be great for meat, but not if you’re mixing it vegetables and other types of food that burn easily.

Unlike a standard circular grill, the Primo grill’s oval shape allows direct heat from the coals to spread on just one side of the grill while indirect heat flows to the other. It also comes with a pre-divided firebox that allows you to split the fire right down the middle. If you want some corn on the cob with your ribeye steak, place it on the side without the coals. If you’re going to have a brisket, flip it over and keep the vents low for that distinctive smoky taste.

A More Ergonomic Design

In addition to more efficient heat distribution, the design of the Primo grill lends itself for more versatile cooking options. For starters, it is wide enough to accommodate long racks of ribs, pork butts, and other larger cuts of meat. The taller lid allows for additional space for multi-level grilling and the use of a turkey roaster and other accessories. And to help maintain a steady temperature, the cap also has a ceramic coating to deflect the heat from the coals.

Despite all this extra space, the Primo grill’s oval shape keeps its footprint small, especially when compared to round and barrel-shaped grills. The smaller footprint makes it ideal for small patios or where cooking and prep spaces are limited. The lid also comes with a heavy-duty, ergonomic handle and is spring-loaded for easier transport.

You can get a decent barbecue with any grill, but when it comes to shape, an oval grill beats a circular one every time. With the oval Primo grill, you have better heat efficiency and control over how your food cooks. And with its high-quality ceramic construction, you can be sure it will last you years if not decades of great barbecues. So order yours today and see the difference for yourself.

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