Why Choose A Primo Ceramic Grill?

Why Choose A Primo Ceramic Grill?

Ceramic barbecue grills have built up a reputation for excellent heat retention and consistency in grilling various types of food, but not all are created equal. One brand that stands up among the rest is the Primo ceramic grill, the leading ceramic grill in the market. The Primo grill offers versatile cooking and efficient heating for top-notch barbecues.

While they do cost more than your standard kettle grill, the Primo ceramic grills we have in stock have more benefits that make it the better choice in the long run:

1. Better temperature control

Arguably the most significant draw a Primo ceramic grill has over other grilles is its excellent temperature control. The ceramic used in these grills is an advanced material designed to be extremely efficient at storing both moisture and heat. Whereas getting a typical kettle grill to an exact temperature and keeping it there requires time and effort, ceramic grills can reach temperatures of up to 700 degrees in a short period thanks to air vents at the bottom. Once it’s hot enough, close the vents and the grill will stay at that temperature for hours.

2. Save more on charcoal

Because it retains heat better, you do not need as much charcoal to maintain a consistent temperature with a Primo grill. The charcoal also burns longer because of less heat waste, meaning more savings and fewer cleanups in the long run. And once you finish cooking, close the vents, and the charcoal will extinguish almost immediately and be ready for the next barbecue.

3. Flexible cooking options

Primo grills can also cook any type of food and use any type of recipe thanks to its two-zone cooking system. Its unique oval shape and segregated firebox allow it to split the fire down the middle for direct and indirect heating. Do you want some vegetables with your rib-eye? Place the vegetables on the side with indirect heat, and they will come out as perfect as your steak. The grill also comes included with a set of porcelain cooking grates that can be placed at set distances over the flame, creating ideal zones for searing and smoking food.

4. Bigger cooking space

The Primo ceramic grill’s oval design also gives it a huge cooking capacity. At more than 400 square inches for its largest model, Primo grills are among the largest ceramic grills in the market today. This ample cooking space is perfect for grilling large racks of meat or even a whole turkey, while the grill lid is tall enough to accommodate multi-level grilling as well as roasting racks and other accessories.

5. Exceptional quality

Primo ceramic grills are proudly made in the USA using only high-quality raw materials. Every step of the manufacturing process from the molding and assembly of the ceramic shell to the final packaging all take place in the company’s facilities in Tucker, Georgia, ensuring that every grill complies with the company’s strict quality standards. And as a testament to the grill’s durability, Primo is one of a few grill manufacturers to offer a lifetime warranty with a 20-year guarantee.

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