Why Choose A Bullfrog Hot Tub?

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Why Choose A Bullfrog Hot Tub?

Hot tubs are one of the best luxuries to have, but not all are created equal. If you ask us, Bullfrog Spas is one of the better options. A leading manufacturer of hot tubs in the United States, Bullfrog Spas offers a luxurious personalized spa experience with its reasonably priced hot tubs.

If you are looking for a new hot tub for your home, here are several great reasons why you should get a Bullfrog Spas hot tub from us.

Customized, Efficient Hydrotherapy Experience

The most popular feature of Bullfrog Spas hot tubs is the modular JetPak Therapy System that allows you to customize the tub’s seats and water massages. Customers can choose from 17 interchangeable JetPak modules that direct water pressure to specific parts of the body. The height and jet power of each module can also adjust for a more comfortable experience.

Aside from customization, the JetPak System is also more efficient as it uses 90% fewer pipes than a standard tub. The reduced plumbing means less water friction and increased water pressure, ensuring all seats run at optimum pressure at all times. So there’s no need for diverter valves, and you don’t have to worry about uneven water pressure.

Cutting-Edge Water Care Systems

Bullfrog Spas hot tubs come fitted with a series of advanced water care systems that ensure clean, healthy water without the need for additional toxic cleaning agents and chemicals. Bullfrog’s patented EOS O3 water purification system is twice as effective in removing impurities and is validated to kill 99.9% of germs in the water. Each tub also features SmartChlor technology that uses 75% less chlorine and keeps chlorine levels in the water at a minimum, resulting in clearer, softer water that only needs to be shocked once a month.

Better Heat Retention

Because Bullfrog Spas has 90% less plumbing, there is less chance for heat to escape from the water while traveling from the pump to the jets. Each tub also uses 100% closed-cell full-foam insulation throughout the interior of the structure, locking heat inside the tub even in the coldest climates.

The JetPak Therapy system saves more heat by being housed inside the proprietary H2Air manifold that’s submerged in the water. The design transfers heat generated by the system directly into the water instead of dispersing the heat into the air. This innovation makes Bullfrog Spas tubs one of the most energy-efficient hot tubs in the market and among the few that are capable of recycling heat from the equipment.

Durable Construction

Hot tubs with wood or metal frames typically rot or rust after three to five years. Bullfrog tubs do not have this problem as they consist of a wood- and metal-free Enduraframe support structure. This patented frame is 100% molded ABS, which is lightweight, waterproof, and impervious to corrosion. Bullfrog Spas also has fewer holes drilled into the seats and frame, reducing the chance of leaks. And if maintenance is needed, most of the plumbing can be easily accessed through the JetPak housing instead of underneath the structure like with conventional tubs.