What Makes Bullfrog An Energy Efficient Hot Tub?

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What Makes Bullfrog An Energy Efficient Hot Tub?

A hot tub can also be referred to as a spa or a Jacuzzi. It is used for hydrotherapy, pleasure or relaxation. It physically looks like a small pool or large tub, which can be used by more than one person at a time. Unlike a typical bathtub designed to be used by a person at a time and is installed indoors, a hot tub can be installed both outdoors and indoors as per the user’s needs.

There are two common kinds of hot tubs available in the market. The wet-jetted hot tubs and air-jetted hot tubs can be installed with powerful jets to facilitate in massage. Electric heaters or natural gas heaters are used to power these tubs.

Hot tubs can consume a lot of energy, thus making them expensive to operate. Whether one needs the hot tubs for personal or commercial use, an energy efficient hot tub is always a better deal. What makes an efficient tub is the use of a heat recovery system which is effected in three ways to save energy.

Use of Layered Insulation

Use of layered insulation is what makes Bullfrog Hot Tub energy saving. When the hot tubs base and heat reflective cabinet are well insulated, there will be no air infiltration and the water will remain hot for longer. The thermostats turn on the heaters after the temperature drops to a certain degree and this process is delayed with no air infiltration.
Having a hot tub insulated with layers of insulation helps in the creation of high insulation barrier especially the air between the layers. The area behind the tub is also insulated as every drop of water should not pass through a zero insulated section.

Heat Re-use

The heat produced by the hot tub should not be vented away if the tub is expected to be energy efficient. Heat is trapped and reused to heat the water instead of using eclectic or gas heaters to heat the water. As water moves in the pipes, the air trapped is not mixed with cold air from outside. In this way, the air remains hot to reheat the water. This is a process that will help the tub operator to save on energy and eventually save money.

Use of Sturdy and Safe Hot Tub Cover

Bullfrog hot tub uses the most sturdy, efficient and safe tub covers. There should no heat loss through convection as most energy loss is through convection. The covers are made to be sturdy and safe to last longer and without injuring the operator.
Other parts of the hot tub are made to be efficient too. The ozonators, heaters, pumps audio equipment and controls are also made sturdy to last longer even under high temperatures. The Bullfrog Hot Tubs can withstand high temperatures and can be insulated as they do not need to be cooled by air.


Bullfrog hot tubs are made to be easy to maintain, robust and energy saving. Anyone can buy a hot tub but the maintenance part is what drives many users away. With an efficient hot tub, there is no reason to miss out on the pleasure and relaxation feeling it provides.

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