Want more for your pool?


The steps provide a much easier way to enter the pool than using the traditional deck ladder. They are also great for small kids to sit on and play on in the pool.


The auto chlorinator automatically dispenses chlorine tablets. It is hooked up to your existing filter system.


Some people say automatic pool cleaners are a necessity. If you are tired of laboring over a dirty pool, this definitely for you.


This could mean less work for you. The Frog system is a low chlorine system. Check the chemical section of your book or come by Smith Pool and Spa for more information.


Pool lights are a great way to enjoy night swimming or just for decorative purposes. Smith Pool and Spa carries many different types of lights for your above ground pool. All are safe and economical.


A fountain not only adds style to your pool, but also cools your pool water by up to 10 degrees during the heat of the season.


When Fall arrives, no one is ready to end their pool season. Solar covers help to keep the pool water warm when placed on the pool water at night. They can warm pool water temperature up to 10 degrees when used correctly. They are also great for an early start to the pool season. Although they are not designed as winter covers, they can help keep debris out of the pool.
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