Our Top Tips for Opening Your Pool This Spring

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Our Top Tips for Opening Your Pool This Spring

As the weather warms up in the spring, it’s time to open up your pool. But before you jump into your pool for a swim and a change of activity after the cold months, make sure it’s safe and clean. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercises because it engages all your body muscles.

Whether you’re a professional swimmer or just love spending time in water, it’s important to use a clean pool. If you are a first time pool owner and not sure about what you should do, hire pool professionals to ensure your pool is ready for use again.

Pool companies have well trained and certified pool attendants who provide pool cleaning services and other related activities. They can also give you the best tips to help with proper pool care and maintenance, including pool opening. Here are 15 tips from professionals to help with pool opening this spring if you want to go the DIY way:

Top 6 Professional Pool Opening Tips for You

  • Create a Tools List

Make a list of all the things you need, including the right tools and equipment. Replace or repair o-rings, hose clamps, drain plugs, etc. if necessary. Make sure your pool is complete.

  • Clean Your Pool Cover

Clean your pool cover to remove dirt, stains and debris. Make sure it’s completely dry before storage to prevent mildew growth. Roll and keep your cover in a storage bag and hang it in the garage to prevent critters and rodents such as mice from damaging it in summer.

  • Replace the filters

During winter, algae and debris tend clog pool filters. Buy two backup filters; one for pool opening to remove the debris and another for use. Clean the filters when done to prolong their lifespan.

  • Open the Pool Early

Open the pool early and circulate it for 24 hours to prevent the growth of algae.

Test all the components of your pool including heaters, blowers, remote controls, pumps, filets, etc. to ensure they’re working. Run them for at least 30 minutes to ensure you’re getting consistent performance. Fix any leakage found. Don’t forget to clean and service your filtration system.

  • Test the Water You Intend to Use in Your Pool

Use a pool water testing kit to test the alkalinity, pH and salt levels, and hardiness of the water you want to use in your pool.  

Add chlorine (up to 3 or 4 ppm) to shock your water, and enzyme water cleaner. The latter eliminates organic matter and oils present in your pool, in addition to making sanitization efficient. It solves water chemistry issues and allows easy pool management in the coming months.

  • Test Your Pool Surface Circulation Using Ping Pong Balls

Get ping pong balls into your pool in different areas, up to the skimmers. Adjust your return jets if you find dead spots before testing again.

When all is said and done, your swimming pool should be ready for use in spring and the consecutive months. If you’re not able to personally maintain your pool and get it ready for use in spring, hire professionals to get the work done.

Contact us to inspect and run pool maintenance services to ensure it’s safe and ready for use.

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