Our Top Hot Tub Safety Tips

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Our Top Hot Tub Safety Tips

Being the proud owner of a hot tub means both you and your entire family can have wonderful moments together, connecting and unwinding. But it also comes with great responsibility.

Some hot tubs come fully equipped with filtering systems and various add-ons that make their use extremely simple. For others, you might need to put in the work to ensure your family’s safety. But no matter which model you use, following the tips below will ensure you tick all the safety boxes.

Recommended Hot Tub Accessories

Installing a new hot tub doesn’t end with its champagne inauguration. You have to make sure it is safe for everyone to use it. The following hot tub accessories are recommended:

  • Secure Cover – It will keep your hot tub covered when not in use. This will prevent debris from entering (making your life easier) and also keep children from falling into it.
  • Cover Lifter – This usually comes with the hot tub’s cover. It helps with the hassle of covering and uncovering your hot tub before and after every use. Some hot tub covers can be quite heavy. If the surrounding area is still wet, putting the cover back on could lead to unfortunate accidents. A hot tub cover lifter can prevent these from happening.
  • Steps and Handrails – You’re dealing with wet surfaces. Having the support you need helps you get in and out of the hot tub safely, without the risk of slipping and injuring yourself.

Hygiene and Water Care

We are aware that most hot tubs are designed with a water quality system. These make your life easier. You do need to put in some work, though.

  • Regular Water Care – Avoid contamination, and use the best substances to maintain the water’s recommended pH level. It helps prolong the hot tub’s life by protecting its elements.
  • A Hot Tub is NOT a Bath Tub – Your hot tub is a place to relax and unwind. Remember to take a quick shower before using it. This way, you’ll prevent dirt and bacteria from accumulating, and limiting the frequency of water refills at the same time.

Electrical Safety

You already know water and electricity are not good friends (unless you’re doing an electrolysis experiment at school). The following tips are common-sense rules, to be honest, but we do feel the need to reinforce them:

  • Use Professional Services – Even though you can find “plug-and-play” hot tubs, we recommend you ask a certified electrician to take care of this aspect of your hot tub. Any other electrical accessories should be checked by an electrician as well. Ask your professional to instruct you and your family about how to use the hot tub’s electrical panel and what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Don’t Use Electrical Devices in the Hot Tub – We recommend you stay away from any electronic device while in or around the hot tub. If you’re keen on taking a selfie, though, at least make sure you are not charging your phone at the time. And since most outdoor spaces come with a grill, keep your electric grill on the opposite side of your deck/backyard.
  • Don’t Use the Hot Tub During Bad Weather – It’s good to soak in warm water while the rain pours gently around. Keep an eye on the weather, though. If there are signs of a thunderstorm, take the party inside. You risk lightning striking your hot tub.

Personal Care

The purpose of a hot tub is to make you feel better. But it can also dehydrate you pretty fast.

  • Make sure you stay hydrated. Discuss with your doctor about water temperature and exposure time if you have any breathing or circulatory conditions.
  • Make sure your children are always supervised while using the hot tub. Ensure the water level does not go over their shoulders.
  • Don’t use the hot tub if you have any skin conditions or sores. Even if you are healing, the next time you use it, any bacteria could get you or your loved ones infected.
  • Don’t drink alcohol while using the hot tub. Alcohol speeds up dehydration. Also, your perception might be slightly altered, and you might not even realize it.

To fully enjoy your new purchase, make sure to discuss all the details with your local dealer. Ask for advice and listen. And soak on!

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