The Top Four Secrets of National Pool Service Companies

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The Top Four Secrets of National Pool Service Companies

There is a broad range of swimming pool companies, ranging from the multimillion dollar close-fisted to the mom and pop. It can be daunting to settle for the provider that best suits your needs.

Make sure you know the four secrets pool service companies will never tell you.

Missed Pool Cleaning

The more pools your pool service and repair man has on his service itinerary, the higher the odds they will skip your pool. Pool technicians – excluding the good ones – will at times skip an account every once in a while to make up for lost time. At their infancy, most pool service business companies often have too many pools on their roster and not enough staff to accommodate them.   

It would be unjust just to presume a technician skipped your pool; kindly give the pool service and repair company the benefit of the doubt. However, if for some reason you believe your weekly pool cleaning service was overlooked, request the technician to drop a ticket. A respected pool service business should have tickets they can leave at your door detailing the date and time they came, chemicals used, the pools condition and the services rendered.

Rotating Service Techs

One big drawback to large national swimming pool service providers is high staff turnover. Also, most of these pool firms hire inexperienced personnel and provide inadequate training. Pool technicians are plumbers, chemists and much more, particularly when repairs are needed.

Their service rates are comparably lower than most of other home services; consequently, they remunerate their staff poorly as well. This leads to incompetent employees. It takes time to establish relations, so look for a professional who is able and willing to partner with you for a long time.

Extra charges for Pool Chemicals

It’s not unheard of to hear pool owners complain that their pool company charges a high flat rate and also charging them for additional chemicals. Most pool servicing companies charge a flat rate no matter the number of chemicals used.

Service charges may fluctuate as a result of changes in gas prices or seasonal variations; nevertheless, you should still pay a flat rate that you had agreed upon beforehand. Simply put, you shouldn’t pay extra for chlorine or acid, but it’s okay to be charged to a chemical that had to be bought specifically for your pool.

Used Spare Parts

Repair is one of the biggest sources of income for pool repair companies. Similar to an automobile shop, pool firms acquire their parts for less than it would cost you to buy them. They mark them up a bit and charge you for the time spent on carrying out the repairs.

Be on the lookout for fraudulent technicians who may show up with used spares instead on new ones. The used parts could be from a client who put in new equipment or from a dumpster!  Don’t sweat the small stuff, but when undergoing a $400 pool repair, we strongly suggest you view the parts before installation.

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