Top 5 “Must-Haves” for Your Memorial Day Pool Party

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Top 5 “Must-Haves” for Your Memorial Day Pool Party

The day is here when all of the United States honors their fallen soldiers of the armed forces. Memorial Day weekend arrives and you can start hearing the splashes, laughs and screams of the people enjoying pool parties.

The smell of steaks and hot dogs being grilled fills all the neighborhoods and everyone is in a festive mood. People who decide to keep a pool party to celebrate Memorial Day, should know the five must haves to have an awesome party.

A Working Pool

Before throwing a pool party, you need to go into overdrive and check, clean and refresh your pools chemical levels to host a good party where people can safely enjoy your pool. Memphis pool maintenance services are available before Memorial Day weekend to help you keep a healthy pool for everyone at your house.


Get a good old fashioned T-bone on the grill and hot dogs on the side. Get out and purchase some meat for the weekend as nothing says red white and blue like a pool party and a Barbecue.

A Good Sound System

How can it be a party without good music? Make sure that you have speakers that can pump up the base and you can really feel the beats per minute. Don’t have a good sound system? Don’t worry; you can always check if your guest has a good enough sound system. The least they can do while coming to your party is contribute by bringing the boom.

Inflatable Furniture

If you have a lot of pool parties then you must know that no one actually comes to swim, they either socialize by standing in the water or just eat. To facilitate the guests you can buy some inflatable furniture to help them relax and kickback while talking to you and your guests and listening to some good music.


You cannot have a Memorial Day party without beer. As soon as your guests start arriving, offer them a beer as they wait for the food to be done. A beer is also a good way to start up good conversations and keep the people happy. Some salty snacks would also go nicely with the beer. Have chips and nuts on the table for everyone. Get out and buy a whole lot of Kegs and six packs for the party.

If you require information on how to maintain your pool before and after the party, visit Smith Pools website and contact them for further information. They have some good tip on Memphis pool maintenance for Memorial Day weekend parties.

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