Top 3 Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Pool Liner

Proper pool liner care

Top 3 Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Pool Liner

Did you have a pool for too long and are not sure if you need to repair or replace the liner?
The life of vinyl pool liners is typically 12 years if proper care and maintenance is taken. Many of the pool liners don’t show signs of damage and wear and tear during this time. However, pool chemicals and weather conditions can cause the vinyl liner of the pool to deteriorate which can cause a lot of problems. Keep in mind that it is not easy on the pocket to replace these pool liners. Thus, you should keep a lookout for the following signs that tell you that it is time to replace or repair your pool liner.

Deterioration and Cracks

Owing to the harsh pool chemicals and ultraviolet rays, the vinyl liners are bound to deteriorate and get damaged over time. Check your pools for any signs of wear and tear such as deterioration and cracking. If there are visible tears or cracks in the pool , it is likely that water is also leaking through these cracks. There may be small cracks and holes that are not visible so easily. To check the presence of these small cracks, check the level of water in the pool for a week. Do you see that the pool is losing water over an inch? If yes, it is highly likely that there are cracks in your pool and they need to be fixed.

Stains or Fading

Pool liner tends to fade with exposure to sunlight and chemicals. However, rust stains and significant algae are not easy to remove. Having severe or significant fading is also one of the main signs of deterioration of the pool liner. While most of the pool liners are resistant to deterioration or fading, they are however not impermeable to it. The plasticizers tend to deteriorate as soon as the vinyl fades. This cause the pool liner to become breakable and just as it becomes fragile, cracks and tears tend to follow.

Water loss

Although the modern pool liners are resistant to punctures and tears, however, tears can appear especially when the pool liner has become old. If you happen to find where the leak is, you can fix it by using a wet patch kit and putting a patch on it. However, if you are unable to locate the leak, it is likely that your pool is going to lose water continuously. This may also show deterioration of the walls of your pool and create sinkholes by washing away the lower layer of sand which is found beneath the pool.

Repair or Replace?

The question is whether you should repair the pool liner or replace it altogether?
You should try repairing the pool liner if it is less than three years old. If older than that, consider replacing it once for all because with age, pool liner tends to deteriorate. The area of damage also largely determines if the pool liner needs replacement or repair. If the damage is near the plastic fittings to the liner’s bed, it may be difficult to repair.

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