Tips to Get Started with Your Primo Grill

Tips to Get Started with Your Primo Grill

A grill is one of the most adaptable outdoor cookers there is. If you are looking to invest in a ceramic grill, the Primo ceramic grill will serve you better and for longer.

With only a simple and straight-forward change to the cooking configuration and airflow, you can use this grill as a roaster, oven, grill, or smoker. This way, you can cook your meals in different and innovative ways.

Grilling and Searing

You can use the grilling configuration of the primo grill to grill meats like chicken, steak, pork, or any other foods that you desire to cook over the fire.

Grilling and Roasting

If you are eager to roast chicken during the weekend with family, then you’ll be happy to know the primo grill has this configuration, too. Use both direct and indirect cooking zones to grill your chicken or any meat using the direct side. You can do this while roasting tender foods like vegetables and seafood on the indirect side.

This way, the roasting configuration is two-fold.

Baking, Roasting, and Smoking

This configuration is normally used for indirect cooking like a smoker or an oven. You can cook at minimal temperatures for foods such as smoking meat or baking pizza, but while using this configuration, use heat deflectors and racks.

Instructions on Lighting Your Primo Grill

Before you light the grill, build a natural charcoal lump. For searing and smoking, use a full firebox and half a firebox for two-zone cooking.

• The first step is to use a fire starter to light the charcoal after placing it inside the grill. A chimney starter or electric starter can also be used in place of a fire starter.

• You should wait a couple of minutes until the charcoal builds a small bed of embers.

• Close the dome (small door on the side) then open the draft door. Slide the top disk to the right to open the vault.

You can relight the charcoal more than once by using the ash tool to stir the charcoal so that the ash drops through the fire grate. After this, add one-third of the charcoal to the existing embers and build a new mound. Roasting and grilling temperatures work well with this ash tool technique.

Ensure that you do not have too little charcoal laid on the fire grate. You should monitor the rate at which the charcoal lights and use the ash tool if need be.

When controlling the grilling temperature, ensure that you close the dome and open the top vent. Wait for approximately one or two minutes for the temperatures to stabilize before you start to cook. Decrease the flow of air to the top vent. When you are 14 degrees from your desired temperature, close the top vent down to one-third.

Smoking under low-temperature cooking starts with a small fire in one area of the charcoal to form an ember. This is for low and slow temperatures. Then close the dome after five minutes with both the top vent and draft door fully open.

Get More Out of Your Grill with Accessories

Once you’ve got the hang of using your Primo ceramic grill, come check out our extensive range of accessories to expand its functionality. There’s no better way to get more use out of your grill.

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