Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Hot Tub

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Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs can be used indoors or outdoors for physiotherapy or simply to relax and calm your body from the comfort of your home. They are made from different materials and come in all sorts of designs. This means that different tubs require different care and maintenance practices to keep them clean and prolong their lifespan.

Whether your tub is cemented, wooden, roto-molded or made from stainless steel, glass fiber, inflatable PVC, portable vinyl-liner or acrylic, it requires proper care. You should clean your tub at least every three months. Just like swimming pools, your hot tub requires regular cleaning and proper sanitation.

Since hot tubs aren’t drained after use, treat the water for safety purposes. Keep it neutral and sanitized to prevent invasion of disease-causing microorganisms. Hot tub sanitization is important, especially if it’s shared by many people in your household.

Use bromine, chlorine or salt water chlorination to sanitize your hot tub water. Shock the water after sanitization to break down organic material that could have been introduced during sanitization. It is spring and thus a perfect time to clean your tub for use in the conducive weather. Here are some tips to help clean your hot tub in spring:

Top 6 Tips to Cleaning Your Hot Tub in Spring

  • Clean Out Bacteria from Your Hot Tub

Use purge agents in your tub to eliminate any bacteria present before draining out the water. Add a spa purge agent of your liking in the water and let it settle for some hours before draining the water. The agents kill all forms of bacteria on your tub, including the plumbing lines.

  • Drain Water from Your Hot Tub

First turn off power before you drain water and remove the panel below the main control. Lift the drain hose (it is mostly white) and cut tie made of plastic if it’s the first time you’re cleaning the tub.

Remove screws from the drain cup and direct water to the drainage through the drain and garden hoses. When done, disconnect the two hoses and screw back the drain cap.

  • Clean the Surface of Your Hot Tub

Use a non-abrasive and suds-free solution with a soft rag to clean the surfaces of your hot tub. Wipe the inside of your tub, focusing on the water lines that easily accumulate sticky materials.

Wipe your tub pillows and find a tougher solution to remove hard-to-clean stains on the surface of your hot tub. Rinse the tub thoroughly when done to remove all traces of the cleaning solution.

  • Clean Your Tub Cover & Protect It

Tears and rips on your vinyl cover can easily lead to heat loss. Look out for signs of wear and tear, and if your cover needs replacement, especially if it’s water-logged. Otherwise, clean it gently with a non-abrasive solution and rinse thoroughly. Apply a vinyl protector to increase its lifespan.

  • Wipe the Exterior Cabinets Clean

Use a mild cleanser to clean the exterior of your hot tub cabinets. Use the 303 vinyl protector to give it a shiny, new look. It also adds a protective layer on your cabinets.

  • Clean Your Hot Tub Filters

Different types of filters require different care. Refer to the user manual to ensure you clean your tub filters in the right way.

Cleaning your hot tub doesn’t just prepare it for use in spring, but also the upcoming warmer seasons. If you don’t have the time and patience needed to care for your tub, you can contract professionals to regularly clean and give your tub the maintenance it requires.

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