Tips for Maintenance on Your Primo Grill

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Tips for Maintenance on Your Primo Grill

At one time or another, there comes the need to have an outdoor activity such as preparing food in an open area or field. Just as the name primo means best in Italian, Primo Ceramic Grills are the best when it comes to outdoor cooking.

The internal components and the ceramic shell help to insulate the grill, maintaining the natural moisture of the food and holding in heat. When one is cooking in the open field, cooking using firewood is the most economical and practical thing to do. The primo grill will give the food that firewood flavor making it tastier.

To have that unmatched cooking versatility and enjoy organic natural food for a long period of time, care and maintenance of the primo grill will be necessary. The following tips will come in handy when you want your new grill to last longer.

Maintain the Primo Grill

Cleanliness is one of the factors that will help you have a grill that will serve you for long and also enjoy cooking your food hygienically. Primo Ceramic Grills have various components that need special care when cleaning.

Grill exterior- Mild detergents should be used to clean the exterior parts. one can either make use of water or a glass cleaner. The ceramics and the hardware should be cleaned using a paper towel or a clean cloth to get rid of loose dirt or grime.

Grill interior-The interior of the grill is cleaned only when the grill blackens with creosote. Cleaning is necessary only when the creosote begins to flake. Primo Ceramic Grills if not used for a period of time, mold or mildew will develop and this needs to be cleaned too.

Cooking grate and top vent- The grate can be cleaned using Primo Grate Cleaning Bar and the top vent can be wiped off any grease when hot using a paper towel.

Maintain and Replace Worn Out Parts

The bolt and locking nut should be maintained tight. Both base and dome nuts should be checked regularly for tightness. Over tightening the nuts is discouraged as it makes them lose their grip with time.

There is a need for replacing the gasket material located at the meeting point of the dome and the base. The material is prone to wearing our and degradation. You will need a gasket kit to replace the degraded material and instructions should be followed to the letter.

It is not always that one will need to cook in the open field as this happens occasionally. There is a grill cover that can be used to store the Primo Ceramic Grills in to prevent the grills being affected by mold or mildew. The cover can be used to store the grill both on outdoor or indoor storage areas.


Primo Grills Maintenance will help you maintain the grills look as well as its performance. These simple care and maintenance tips can help you have your Primo Ceramic Grills remain as good as new for a long period of time.


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