Tips For Choosing An Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Tips For Choosing An Automatic Pool Cleaner

Is keeping your pool clean becoming a pain in the neck for you?  Maybe you should look at an automatic pool cleaner?  With automatic pool cleaners, you can spend more time swimming, relaxing and just enjoying your pool. Here are a few tips for choosing your new automatic pool cleaner!

What Are Your Pool Cleaning Needs

When choosing a pool cleaner, you really do need to consider just what you’ll be cleaning in your pool. Is it your regular debris like a few stray leaves and dirt? Do you have a problem with sand or dirt? Are large leaves a constant battle? Chances are you already know what’s dirtying up your pool but if not, observe for a few days and make a list. Knowing what you need to clean out is essential to finding an automatic cleaner that can do just that!

Consider Your Time Needed For Pool Maintenance

You don’t want to spend a lot of time learning a new automatic pool cleaner.  The point is to reduce the number of hours you spend cleaning your pool. Look for a device that gets to the job done with as little parts as possible. Avoid the headache with a simply designed cleaner like the Lil Shark. It can be attached to a hose in minutes to suction away gunk and grime like sand and small debris from your pool.

Consider Hiring A Professional

Maybe your automatic pool cleaner is a pool professional.  Don’t forget that Smith Pools offers the maintenance and know-how you need to keep your pool clear and ready for you to use any time. Maybe it is time to let someone else handle the pool maintenance for you!  If so, contact us today!

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