How to Throw a Memorial Day Pool Opening Party

How to Throw a Memorial Day Pool Opening Party

Parties allow people to have a good time, socialize and just forget about the stresses of every day life. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary, get-together or just a weekend party with close friends, you can’t go wrong with a pool-side party. However, a good party doesn’t just happen.

Organizing a memorial pool opening party requires good planning. Just like any other event, organization requires you to follow certain steps to attain success. However, there’s room for creativity to ensure that your party reflects your taste and personality.

Here are some tips to help you organize a successful pool opening party:

Top 7 Tips to Organizing a Successful Pool Party

Choose a Theme for Your party

A theme gives your party its general impression and appearance of the setup. Whatever theme you opt for, it should rhyme with the purpose of your party. Whether you pick Hawaiian luau or a patriotism theme, it’s bound to guide the selection of the right props and decorations for your event.

Holiday themed plastic serving wear can be obtained from many local decor stores near you. Consider the popular Cinco de Mayo décor at this time of the year as a Fiesta pool party is loved by many.

Include fun things such as chili pepper-shaped hors d’oeuvres trays, inexpensive straw sombreros, and cactus ice cube trays to bring out your theme. Pool-friendly plastic bar-ware and paper plate sand utensils can also go a long way in building your theme.

Send Invitations

Send invitations early to those you want to attend, a few weeks before your big day. It gives your friends and family enough time to prepare for the event. They get to properly plan their holiday and put together the necessities they might need such as swim wear. Your invitation list can also help you plan for the right drinks and food based on your expected guests.

Create a Party Menu

A menu with light foods is ideal for a pool party. Add chicken salad, croissants, pasta salads, fruit kabobs and grilled veggies to your menu. Explore great and summery food ideas on Pinterest to help you come up with a light, mouth-watering menu.

Select Refreshments

Every party requires cold drinks to help guests cool down, especially as the weather warms up in spring. Going with the theme, festive margaritas and refreshing cocktails won’t disappoint. You can also make Sangira by soaking different fruits in wine. Don’t forget to include sparkling water in your refreshments list.

Buy blueberries, mint, and fresh ginger syrup to help you prepare a classic rum mojito for your cocktail drink. Party punch, lemonade and iced tea are other great drinks for guests who prefer non-alcoholic drinks.

Prepare Your Pool Side Space

Your guests will need space to lounge around the pool. Arrange for enough chairs to accommodate the number of guests you expect to grace your party. Where do you intend to set your food table? Place some chairs in the fiber grass tanning ledge area to create more pool side space.

Organize Toys and Games

Kids and adults like to play during parties. Organize for toys such as inflatable toys, squirt guns and other pool toys to engage your young guests; if you are expecting kids at your party. Floating ring toss game, ball games and water volleyball are some games most adults would love to play to keep the party going.

Choose Songs for Entertainment

Music is at the center of every party. Choose songs you think your guests might like. Create a music list with energetic songs to play for the better part of the day. Songs with a mellow mood are perfect for late afternoons and evenings to go with the weather at that time of the day. Don’t forget to turn on your pool lights to create the right ambience for your pool opening party.

With early preparation and some help from your friends or family, you should be able to throw an exceptional pool opening party this spring. Note that there’s no formula to hosting a successful party. However, it takes creativity on your end to spruce things up and host one-of-a-kind party bound to leave your guests talking about it for weeks or even longer.

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