Thinking of a Buying a Spa? 4 Reasons to Go Bullfrog

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Thinking of a Buying a Spa? 4 Reasons to Go Bullfrog

Do you want to install a home spa, but are holding off because you haven’t found the right one? Perhaps you’re after a spa that’s designed to look one of a kind. One that has the latest technology and endless customization options.

If this sounds like you, look no further. A Bullfrog spa might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Here are four reasons why a Bullfrog spa may be right for you.

  1. You’re After a Unique Home Spa Experience

Bullfrog spas aren’t the kind you choose off a catalog. They’re all about creating a unique home spa experience that speaks to your personality.

You can customize just about every detail you could possibly imagine: the hot tub’s size and layout, its color, the lighting package and even the kind of water jets it’s loaded with.

  1. You Want a Massage Designed For Your Specific Health Needs

Bullfrog have a wide selection of water jets. Each jet pack gives a different kind of massage with its own particular health benefits, so you can tailor your hot tub to your specific health needs.

Whether you want to relieve those aches and pains, get a back massage or even a targeted neck and shoulder massage, you’re bound to find a jet pack that’ll work for you.

And that’s not even the best part.

The water jets are modular, so you can change them out depending on the kind of massage you’re in the mood for.

  1. You Want a Hot Tub That’s Low On Maintenance

Bullfrog spas are entirely wood-free. Their outdoor shell is made of a composite material that’s weather and UV-resistant, so you won’t need to re-stain it.

That means less time taking care of your hot tub, and more time actually enjoying it.

  1. You’re a Technology Buff

If you’re into cutting edge technology, a Bullfrog hot tub is right up your alley.

All Bullfrog spas have computerized controls, so you can control your tub without getting out of it. And if you’re feeling particularly techy, you can download the app and control your hot tub remotely through your smartphone.

Now that’s sure to impress your friends!

Are you ready to craft your unique home spa experience? Get in touch with Smith Pools to discuss your options.