Things To Consider With Above Ground Swimming Pool Maintenance

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Things To Consider With Above Ground Swimming Pool Maintenance

Smith Pools and Spas offers a variety of above ground swimming pool maintenance and services. One of the main pool services is pool liner replacement and repair. Smith Pools and Spas creates an easy process for customers in need of above ground vinyl pool liner repair. There are many different colors and patterns that are available for you to select. For those concerned with the thicknesses of the various pool linings, this company also offers different thicknesses to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the liner selection.

The liner that this company uses primarily is Kafco. Kafco uses a seam technology that is new and revolutionary to pool industry. It is called, “Ultra Steam Technology”. If you would like to learn more about this special seam as well as the various other pool liner options, contact Smith Pools and Spas at 901-372-3639.

Above Ground Pool Safety Covers

Another major component to pool maintenance is the concept of safety covers. Safety covers are primarily used to cover your pool during winter months. Safety covers tend to create a clean look for your backyard while simultaneously ensuring that your pool remains safe from debris and elements. These covers typically stretch over the entire surface area of the pool in an almost trampoline-like fashion. The springs on the cover ensure safety for your pool as they are hooked to anchors that have been attached to your pool deck.

Above Ground Pool Opening

The Smith Pools and Spas team opens pools for you after being covered all winter long. We open in-ground pools as well as above ground. The team is experienced in removing regular safety covers as well as the traditional poly weave covers.

Above Ground Pool Closing

When it comes time to closing your pool, Smith Pools and Spas is the way to go as they are ready and willing to take the incredibly frustrating task of closing the pool and complete it for you. It is smart to give us a call early on before the season changes to find out the closing schedule and pick a date that suits your schedule.

Our team will close the pool, both in ground and above ground, by pulling the cover across the pool surface. They we secure the cover. The equipment within the pool itself needs to be winterized so that the pipes will not freeze. It is best to consider closing your pool within the first few weeks of October. This also depends on the area in which you live and the occurrence of weather changes.

Above Ground Pool Maintenance

The Smith Pool service department is able to complete the majority of pool repair tasks including pool equipment repairs. Things such as changing sand filter all the way to replacing the pool motor can be handled by one of our professional pool technicians. The services are dependable and the team is willing to help with any pool issues that might come your way.

The services do not stop there! Smith Pools and Spas also cleans pools. Leaf removal, vacuuming, and chemical treatments are a few of the services this company offers.  Visit our above ground pool service page to learn more!

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