Things To Consider When Buying An Above Ground Pool

Things To Consider When Buying An Above Ground Pool

Things To Consider When Buying An Above Ground Pool

Things To Consider Before Buying an Above Ground Pool

Are you looking to purchase a new above ground pool this Spring?  Here are a few things to consider when you are getting ready to purchase that pool.

What is the goal of the pool?

What do you plan on using the pool for primarily? It may seem like an obvious question, but it has more importance than many first-time pool owners realize. Do you see yourself  swimming laps or lounging? Do you want to have big pool parties or stick to small gatherings? Answering these questions will help you narrow down the best shape, style and size of your new pool.

What Type of Pool Construction Material Fits Your Needs Best?

Aluminum, steel and resin plastic are popular options for above-ground pools. Be sure to compare styles and prices as you shop. Aluminum and steel may give you that shiny appearance you love but you’ll need to consider rusting. Resin plastic may be easier to clean and maintain for many pool owners. Chat with a consultant at Smith Pools about the best choice for your location and needs.

What Are Your Pool Liner Options?

A good pool liner is critical to the function and lifespan of the pool. While you’ll most likely need to replace it after 8 to 12 years, the right choice should be able to reach its maximum lifetime. Avoid liners made from recycled vinyl and ask about the strength of the seams before purchasing.

What Will My Long-term Cost Be Like?

You’ll want to find a balance between your initial investment and long-term cost. You may find that a pool costs you more than you realized when you factor in energy, maintenance, and chemicals. To avoid any surprises and save your budget, get the details on the price of ownership, maintenance, and any added value it brings to your home.

How Will the Installation Process Work?

As you prepare for above ground pool installation, get as much information about how the installation process works.Smith Pools has over 38 years’ worth of experience with getting above ground swimming pools installed. Smith Pools can also provide you with a timeline of the process to keep you up-to-date as things progress.

For more advice on buying above-ground pools, contact us today!

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