Staying Safe By The Pool

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Staying Safe By The Pool

Having a backyard pool has been a dream of yours forever and we are so excited to make that happen for so many people in the Mid-South.  We also understand how important it is to take all the necessary steps to keep you and your family safe while you are enjoying the pool.

Unfortunately, drowning is one of the top 5 causes of death for people aged 1-14 years. There are steps you can take to help keep accidents from happening such as installing fencing around the pools, putting an alarm on the doors leading to the pool, and installing barriers to prevent unsupervised access to the pool.  One of the most important things you can do for your family is to make sure they know how to swim.

Many swimming schools are now teaching swimming classes to children as young as 6 months old.  Older children and adults are taught more than just how to swim, but also about water safety and safe rescue skills.  These classes result in confident swimmers who are knowledgable about the dangers that can surround the water.

We want everyone to have SAFE fun in the sun!  

Here are a few of the area organizations that have Memphis swimming classes this summer.

Shelby County Swimming Classes

The YMCA offers swimming classes at most of their locations.  To see if your location offers them, visit their website at  To learn more about the classes they offer, you can click here.

The Pool School
This organization offers year-round classes for students as young as 3 years old.  To find out more about them, please click here.

The University of Memphis
The University offers American Red Cross swim classes from 6 months to adult at their facility. To see the schedule, or register for a class you can visit there website by clicking here.

The Kroc Center
Swimming classes are now being offered at the Kroc Center in Memphis.  They offer classes for ages 6 months to adult.  Click here to find out more.

Desoto County Swimming Classes

The Olive Branch YMCA offers swim classes for all ages.  Click here to learn more.

Miss Gwin’s Swim School
The kids love Miss Gwin!  She offers two week classes that kick off in June.  Click here to learn more about her on her Facebook page.

DAC Southaven
The DAC offers group and private swimming lessons.  Evaluations for May are starting this Saturday.  Visit their Facebook page to learn more!

This is just a few of the local swim schools in our area.  To view more, you can click here.


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