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Considering Bullfrog Spas?

Think about it, you come home after a long day in a chilly winter afternoon. You have two options; to hit the shower and get into your ice cold bed or soak your body in a hot tub. We are pretty sure you’d want to go for the second option; it’s not only relaxing it improves your mental and physical health as well.

Bullfrog Spas aims to provide you with a premium quality hot tub that will elevate your house aesthetically, improve your health and enhance your lifestyle. Their focus is customer centered and we want to provide you with the best. Their custom designed hot tubs are made with the hydrotherapy technology which is an advanced method used for relaxation. You can get a bio-engineered massage by simply relaxing and sitting in the hot tub, made from love and care especially for you.

Their state of the art hot tubs have advanced technology for a luxurious and relaxing experience. The Bullfrog Hot Tubs are equipped with the latest technology of the JetPak Therapy System. The jets provided in our tubs can be changed at any time, giving you the opportunity to upgrade your tubs without replacing them. Each hot tub is built with precision using EnduraFrame.

Their 220v hot tubs guarantee that your electricity bills aren’t heavy on your pockets. These are designed to be energy efficient while providing you with ultimate luxury and pleasure. These tubs are customized completely to fit your lifestyle and unique body.

Popular Bullfrog Spas Models

Bullfrog Spas offers a wide range of hot tubs and portable spas that can be customized according to the clients’ needs. There are a total of 16 different jets that can be fit in your hot tubs. The size, style, color and layouts of each tub can be customized. 

Bullfrog Spas A Series

The Bullfrog A-series is the top of the line product range; you can find Custom Hot Tub options in this range that focuses more on the comfort of the user. This range includes large hot tubs such as the A8 that caters up to 8 people. It comes with 6 jetPaks, which you can choose and personalize for a relaxing experience. Other models such as the A8L are more inclined towards entertainment and comfort. This model holds 7 people with a master chair equipped with a therapeutic bent knee lounger. It has 6 jetPaks selected by the clients for hydrotherapy.

Bullfrog R Series

bullfrog r series hot tubsThe R series are designed keeping luxury and affordability in mind. If you are on a budget and you are looking for a portable yet luxurious home spa, then the R series are perfect for you. The new R8 is spacious and can accommodate 8 people. It comes with the option of 4 JetPaks that can be customized. The 4 corner seats have foot, wrist and hip jets for a wholesome experience. The R-series are luxury epitomized at an affordable price.

Bullfrog X Series

bullfrog x seriesIf you are looking for spa like therapy at affordable rates and within the comfort of your home, then the X Series is a good choice. These are great for big families as the X8 is room friendly spa that caters 8 adults. This hot tub is an investment, it is ideal for therapeutic purposes as well.

Benefits of Bullfrog Spas

When you think about hot tubs, you might say that these are just fancy little gadgets that might help you relax but you relax on the bed as well. However, our hot tubs aren’t ordinary Jacuzzis; they are built with the latest technology to improve your overall health. Here are some of the benefits of using Bullfrog hot tub therapy

  • Stress Relief

If you are stressed mentally and physically then our hot tub is the best place to relax. Get the hydro massage and indulge in an hour long therapy. Place your feet against the water jets for a relaxing reflexology massage. The water stimulation is guaranteed to improve your mood and health. According to several studies, the combination of jet massages along with hot water can make you feel lighter. It also improves your physical and mental health.

  • Reduce Muscle Pain

If you are constantly suffering from muscle and joint pain, a relaxing half hour in the tub can ease your muscles. Adjust your body according to the water flow for a hydro massage; turn the flow to its maximum capacity for a deep tissue massage. This soothes the pain and increases your recovery speed. You start to feel light because of the bubble buoyancy. Our muscles relax during this therapy reducing inflammation in joints.

  • Blood Circulation

The hot water increases the temperature of our bodies which improves the blood circulation. People who have arthritis should try hot tubs as they lead to better blood circulation that lessens the joint pain.

  • Improves Sleep

Have you been tossing and turning throughout the night? This could be because of the low body temperature, take a dip in hot tub and experience the improvement in your sleep cycle. To improve your pattern, soak your body in a hot tub before sleeping, this leads to a great difference.

Bullfrog Spas wants its customers to relax and enjoy their lives without worrying about the complexities. They want our customers to be satisfied so they can concentrate on important things. If you are looking for premium quality customized hot tubs then Bullfrog spas won’t disappoint you.

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