Safety Covers

All safety covers provide great benefits.

  • Safe for kids and pets.
  • Attractive compared to the traditional tarp and tube method.
  • Removing the cover is easier that the traditional tarp and tube method.

Mesh Cover

  • Inexpensive compared to most solid covers.
  • Longer lasting than solid or tarp covers
  • Keeps leaves out.
  • Rainwater goes through the cover, so there is no water to drain off of the cover
  • Lightweight.
  • Easier to uncover the pool.
  • Easier to store.
  • Pool Cleanup in the Spring – due to some sunlight getting in and fine sediment running through, your pool will need a cleanup in the Spring at opening. Our advice is to open early so that the water temperature is still cool, so algae blooms are not as bad as later in the Spring or Summer.

Solid Cover

  • Keeps debris and sunlight out.
  • Pool likely does not need much cleaning at Opening in the Spring.
  • More expensive than mesh covers.
  • Heavier to maneuver.
  • Harder to uncover pool.
  • Shorter useful life. Since the covers are vinyl, the material dries out over time and becomes brittle.  This allows for easy damage to the cover.
  • Rainwater must be removed immediately from the top of the cover to avoid damaging the cover.
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