How to Repair a Misalignment of the Ceramic Dome on Your Primo Grill

How to Repair a Misalignment of the Ceramic Dome on Your Primo Grill

So, you’ve bought a new primo grill home and are doing a couple of barbecues every week? That’s good. However, after using it for a couple of months, you realize that the ceramic dome isn’t lining up. What’s the problem?  There isn’t one. The metal parts just expand because of the heat and contract afterward when you put out the fire. The result is some of the parts and bolts become loose.

Don’t worry if you are having alignment issues with your Primo Grill. It’s a relatively simple problem, but first, you have to discover the cause of misalignment before you fix it.

Types of misalignments

There two main types of misalignments: front-to-back and left-right misalignment. Find out which type of misalignment you’re dealing with. Once you identify it, don’t use the grill or try to open it.

Front-to-back misalignment

A front-to-back misalignment usually occurs in two ways. It can either be an over or underbite. An overbite is when the dome moves forward beyond the edge of the base. With this misalignment, the dome shifts away from the hinge. On the other hand, an underbite is when the dome moves back towards the hinge and away from the edge of the base.

An overbite usually happens when the bands become loose while an underbite occurs when hinge cap nuts get loose.

Left-to-right misalignment

As the name suggests, a left-to-right movement means that the dome has either moved to the left or right side of the base. This movement exposes either of the edges. With a left-to-right misalignment, the band nuts become loose and make the spring hinge shift the dome causing the misalignment.

How to repair ceramic dome misalignment

Repairing a misalignment in a Primo Grill is a pretty straightforward affair. All you need is an 11 and 10mm wrench or socket. If you have it, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Tie the hinge with two zip ties. This allows the bands to work without any pressure. Once you have this right, try placing the dome in the right position. If it moves to the correct position, tighten the cap nuts that hold the hinge and bands together.

Step 2: If the above step doesn’t work, try to loosen the band nuts enough to work them with your fingers. Adjust the dome until it is flush with the base. Next, tighten the baseband and the dome band until they are both parallel to each other. We recommend that you tighten them with four or five turns

Step 3: Once you tighten both bands, ensure the hinge plate is secured tightly, but don’t tighten them too much. They should fit perfectly. If the dome properly aligns with the base, go ahead and cut the zip ties. At this point, you can test the Primo Grill by turning up the heat. The band nuts and hinge plates should stay firmly in place. You will need to continually check your Primo Grill for any slight misalignment and make the necessary adjustments as need be.

We hope this guide on how to repair a misalignment of the ceramic dome on your Prime Grill has answered all your questions. If not, give us a call. At Smith Pools, our qualified team is always happy to help.

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