How To Properly Vacuum Your Pool

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How To Properly Vacuum Your Pool

Pool season is here and one of the most common mistakes we hear involve pool maintenance.  Neglecting pool maintenance can mean time and money spent trying to make the pool usable again.  Many people hire a professional pool care service, like Smith Pool, to take care of their ongoing pool care needs.  However, you can handle the process yourself.  Here are some quick tips on how to properly vacuum your pool.

  1. Backwash your filter and clean your pump basket.
  2.  Connect the vacuum head to the telepole. Connect one end of the long white vacuum hose to the vacuum head. Place this in the pool opposite the skimmer.
  3. With the filter running, take the other end of the vacuum hose and hold it over the eyeball to fill the entire vacuum hose with water. You will notice the air bubbles coming out of the other end of the hose.
  4. Once all the air is out of the hose, turn your pump off.
  5. Place the vacuum plate (the round flat piece with a nozzle on top) inside the skimmer on top of the skimmer basket. Bring the end of the vacuum hose through the front of the skimmer and put the hose on the nozzle on the vacuum plate in the skimmer.
  6. Turn the pump on and the suction will start. If you do not have suction after a minute or so, go back through the steps making sure that all of the air is out of the vacuum hose.
  7. As you vacuum, your filter will become dirty, and you will begin to lose suction. To regain suction you may need to backwash your filter and clean your pump basket. Do not vacuum while the filter is in the backwash position. Normally, you will vacuum in the filter position.
  8. If you pool is really dirty or algae is growing, vacuum to waste. This will expel the debris out to the yard instead of going into your filter. Then refill pool as needed.

If you’d prefer to let the professionals handle it for you, contact Smith Pools today!

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