How to Properly Close a Pool

Pool Closing

How to Properly Close a Pool

Summer has passed, which means you won’t be using your pool as often as you did two months ago. That’s understandable, but while the pool may not seem as appealing to you, it may serve as home to bacteria, insects and even animals. Even if your pool or hot tub seems clean on the surface, there’s no telling what is going on below the surface.

We highly recommend that you hire a reliable Memphis pool service to assist you with closing your pool.  However, we understand that some people want to tackle the job themselves.  Here are our tips for DIY pool closings.

Start Winterizing in Advance

Algae are the most common issue with swimming pools. It thrives in temperatures above 60 degrees, which is why we recommend closing your pool as soon as it becomes too cool to use it. Now is considered the ideal time to close a pool, but if you don’t mind taking a dip in colder weather, closing can be delayed all the way to early October.

Regulating the Chemistry

Your pool may sparkle on the surface, but microscopic organisms may have already taken up residence within your pool. This is why it is extremely important to regulate the chemistry of the pool. Even in the winter, you should try to maintain consistent water test results.  This will ensure that your pool will be sparkling clean and ready once Spring rolls around.

Skimming Debris

It may seem like the most obvious step to closing a pool, yet many people tend to do it improperly. It is important to remove all debris that will get trapped in the pool during the winter.  Check for small deposits that may accumulate on the floor. Overtime, debris can lead to permanent damage or tears in your pool liner.

While these tips give an overview of the pool closing process, there are a lot of small details that need to be taken care of to ensure your pool last for many years. If you’d like to leave your pool closing to the professionals, give us a call to learn more!

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