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ez-chlor-drop-outLooking for a quick and cost-effective way to clean up a green or cloudy pool?

If yes, you can count on Smith Pools & Spas to help you.

Your pool should wear a sparkling blue color. If it’s looking cloudy or greenish, it’s time you take a quick action. We can assist you in cleaning the pool in no time at all, so that you and your family can enjoy what they like doing best: having a splash in the pool.

Ranked among the top Memphis pool chemicals provider, Smith Pools have decades of experience in pool care. When it comes to cleaning a cloudy or greenish pool in a cost-effective way, we trust only one product, and that is EZ Clor Drop Out.

For 25 years, we’ve been using and recommending this product to our customers and it has never let us or our customers down. We are sure it will do the job for you as well.

Why EZ Clor Drop Out?

EZ Clor Drop Out is an obvious choice for many reasons. It does what it is meant to do effectively and it is easy to use. Moreover, it is not expensive. It comes in a 32-ounce bottle with which you can treat up to 40,000 gallons of water. The product is so good that it has many imitations. However, original is always the best—and that’s the case with EZ Clor Drop Out, too. If you’ve decided to use drop out pool chemicals, use only EZ Clor Drop Out.

Where to buy drop out near me?

Well, you don’t need to look farther than Smith Pools and Spas. We only carry the best products and EZ Clor Drop Out is as good as it gets in its niche. You can visit our Memphis or Southaven store and pick up the product, or you can call us and our pool cleaning experts will come to your home at a time convenient to you and clean your pool for you.

How does it Work?

EZ Clor Drop Out belongs to a group of chemicals called flocculants. The pool filter, irrespective of how good it is, cannot filter out everything. Your pool filter is unable to capture many tiny particles which circulate freely in your pool. These free particles cause the pool water to look cloudy. Flocculants, like EZ Clor Drop Out, work by clumping these small particles, so that they can be easily caught by the pool filter. The end result is cleaner and clearer pool water. EZ Clor Drop Out helps you clear dead algae present in the pool water the same way. That is, it combines with them and the bigger particles will settle at the bottom, which can then be vacuumed out.

It is important to note that EZ Clor Drop Out and other flocculants don’t remove live algae or spores. That’s why, you are recommended to use it in combination of liquid chlorine, which is an effective and inexpensive way of killing the algae. Once the algae is killed, EZ Clor Drop Out will help you vacuum it out.

Being a premier pool chemicals Memphis provider, Smith Pools & Spas offers liquid chlorine, as well as other pool cleaning and maintenance products, to its customers. We are your one-stop shop for all pool cleaning needs.

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