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Robotic Cleaners have improved over the last several years, and it is time to take a look at them if you are in the market for a new pool cleaner. They will save you time and money compared to the traditional pressure side cleaners that have dominated the market for years.


Salt Systems have been the buzz for the past decade or so. A saltwater system makes chlorine out of the salt in the pool water. This chlorine is used to keep the water clean and clear. With a salt system, you virtually eliminate the need for chlorine tablets, making your regular chemical maintenance much easier. Although a salt system will not totally eliminate pool chemical maintenance, it does offer some relief for the weary pool owner.


Another alternative chemical system to traditional chlorine tablets is the Frog Leap Mineral System.  By using minerals to help sanitize the pool, the chlorine level in the pool may be kept at a very low level.  This reduces maintenance time on the pool, reduces chlorine costs, and reduces wear and tear.  Say goodbye to green hair, bleached bathing suits, and severely faded liners.  And say hello to a trouble-free system that will make your water feel much softer, just like a saltwater pool.  In fact, the Frog Leap system offers similar benefits of a saltwater pool without the corrosion potential, making it an ideal solution for above ground pools.



Our goal is to make your pool experience the best it can be.  We do not want you working on your pool instead of enjoying it.  With the right pool equipment installed by one of our professionals, you will be able to sit back and relax.

Since we sell a high volume of pool equipment, we are able to offer competitive pricing on the best equipment. From sand filter systems for your small, above ground pool to large sand filters and high performance pumps for larger in ground pools, we have it all in stock and ready to install. Replacement motors, automatic chlorinators, salt systems, and automatic cleaners are in stock and at the best prices. Come in and we can help you turn your pool into a backyard retreat instead of a backyard headache.


Maintenance Chemicals


Chlorine tablets and granules are always in stock and at competitive prices. Our staff will walk you through pool maintenance and how to keep you pool clear while saving you time and money.


We are one of the only retailers of Liquid Chlorine in the Mid South. We buy in bulk and sell at cheap prices. Liquid chlorine can be used as a maintenance chlorine or as a problem solver. It is easy to add and will keep you pool clear even in the heat of the summer.  It may be the most economical way to keep up a pool.  For clearing up a green pool, give a try.  You will be amazed at eh results and the cost savings


The Frog Leap Mineral System is a great alternative chemical system. This system makes it much easier to maintain your above ground pool. Its mineral technology helps purify your pool water just as minerals purify mountain spring water.  This system offers the benefits of a saltwater system at a cheaper initial cost and without the metal corrosion tendencies of a saltwater pool.  It is a great program for above ground pools.


Problem Solving Chemicals


The most valuable troubleshooting chemical in a pool technicians arsenal of problem solvers is E-Z Clor Drop Out. This product reduces the surface tension of the water, forcing cloud-forming debris to settle to the bottom of the pool for easy removal. If you want quick and inexpensive, this is the best way to clear a white cloudy pool.


Over time, phosphates build up in pool water. Phosphates are organic wastes that are introduced to your pool mainly from the environment.  This organic waste provides food for algae. When there is a lot of algae food in the water, algae is quick to grow and take over your pool. We can test your pool water for phosphates and let you know what to do. A phosphate remover can be a valuable tool and save you money when trying to clear up a green pool.  A phosphate remover can also save you money on chlorine since the water’s demand for chlorine will decrease with a decrease in phosphates.


Stain Preventers can help keep stains from forming on your pool’s surface. If you have a recurring stain problem, it is a good idea to add a stain preventer to your weekly chemical regimen. Pool chemical balance is especially important to avoid staining problems. This means making sure that your pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness are within the recommended ranges for your pool type. If you already have stains, we have several products to almost magically remove the stains.

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