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Types of Above Ground Swimming Pools

Let’s talk about the many types of above ground swimming pools. And these days the varieties and designs are truly plentiful.

The above ground swimming pools we sell here at Smith pools all vary when it comes to material, color, and the size the frame. You should consider several factors when looking at these kinds of pools. You should take into consideration specifics such as appearance, price, and durability.

Round Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above Ground Swimming Pool RoundWe love above ground swimming pools in a round configuration. Our Concorde model comes in sizes 15’ and 24’. And our above ground swimming pools round out with our Alpha 48” model and our 52” Pacific model. For larger above ground swimming pool sizes, our Kamika and Quantum models are both round only and come in the 54” size.

Oval Above Ground Swimming Pools

Oval above ground swimming poolOur above ground swimming pool designs also include oval. The T186 and the Kamika 52” are particularly versatile above ground swimming pool designs. They both come in round and oval configurations.

Are there any special features?

Many of our above ground swimming pools include some special bonuses. Did you know that our T186 was a top seller in 2016? Or that the Kamika is actually salt water compatible? We offer a wide variety of above ground pool designs to fit your needs!  You might be thinking about the above ground sizes of above ground swimming pools, too, and concerned about sizes and space. Not to worry, as the Alpha 48” is a great space saver. Are you starting to think about which size will fit your backyard yet?

What about installation?

For all types of above ground swimming pools, we offer a quality installation package. This includes specialty Vermiculite, which is better than sand and forms a soft, permanent pad which will neither rot nor decay. For all above ground swimming pools’ sizes, our highly trained installation team will be sure to level the area to 2”, thereby ensuring that the above ground sizes of our above ground swimming pools remain as uniform as possible.

Plus our professional crew will fill a 1,000 gal plastic tank as they work. This means they can then pump the water into your pool.  Therefore, the liner is set before the crew leaves your pool site. This means that your liner will not have wrinkles on the floor of your pool.

Speaking of liners, what are the details?

Smith Pools uses only Kafco “Ultra Seam” Liners in all of the pools. The Kafco “Ultra Seam” process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. So this leaves nothing to get in the way of the beauty of your pool. Plus all of the Kafco liners are made with bleach-resistant inks and UV inhibitors. these protect against fading and sun damage. And the liners are also equipped with algae inhibitors. These help normal sanitizers to protect the liner, thereby ensuring a long life.

Above Ground Pool Installation
Above Ground Pool Installation Dirtwork

Cat skid steer moving into the dirt

Above Ground Pool Installers

Leveling the bottom track

Above Ground Pool Installers

Site Prepped for Pool Assembly

Above Ground Pool Installers in Memphis, TN

Rolling out the wall

Above Ground Pool Installers in Memphis, TN

Attaching the SS panel.

above ground swimming pools with installation

Spreading Vermiculite

Pool Liner Repair

Installing the Liner

Upgrade Your Above Ground Pool Liner

Install ledges and caps

New Above Ground Pool Installation Service

Filling Pool from Water Tank

above ground swimming pools pictures

Working Out Liner Wrinkles

Above Ground Pool Installation

Adding Water from Tank

Replacing your pool liner

Installing Skimmer

New Pool Installation

How about warranties?

The manufacturer’s warranties on all Smith Pools range from one year to an impressive thirty years.  Most of the pools even come with a Stainless Steel service panel. This means even more durability.

Are there any financing options?

Absolutely! Pool financing and layaway and Financing are both available. Financing is subject to approved credit.

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