Pool Services Offered by Smith Pools

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Pool Services Offered by Smith Pools

A pool is a worthwhile investment… Let us help you keep your investment in tip-top shape!

In-Ground Liner Replacement and Safety Covers

We’ve been offering replacement of in-ground vinyl liners for many years. Our prices are competitive and we ensure the process is easy for each customer. Our Kafco liners are available in many patterns, colors, and thicknesses to suit the varied needs of each customer, and their “Ultra Seam Technology” is changing the pool industry.Unlike seams from other suppliers’ liners, Kafco’s are stronger, and virtually invisible.

When you call, make sure you have the dimensions of your pool, so we can give you a free quote right away. You can also reach us through email.

Safety covers are also our specialty. Imagine a trampoline stretched over your swimming pool; a safety cover works in the same way. Springs are hooked onto anchors mounted into the deck of your pool.They give your backyard a clean look in winter, while ensuring your pool is safely covered.

Top 3 Smith Pool Services

Pool Opening Services

Pool opening is always celebratory, but can be difficult to do alone. We can help ease that process! We remove the safety cover and get your pool equipment ready in a short time.

We offer pool opening services for both above-ground and in-ground pools, for traditional poly-weave or safety covers.

Pool Closing Services

Closing the pool at the end of summer can be bittersweet. Let us help to make it less bitter. We handle everything so you can focus on other important things. Whether you need a new cover or not, we can close your swimming pool appropriately to ensure it’s clear next spring. This service is also available for both in-ground and above-ground pools. We pull the safety cover across the pool, secure it in place, and winterize it.We also blow out the lines on in-ground pools to protect the pipes from freezing. Seasonal weather changes determine when you should close your pool each year.

Clean Up and Repairs

Smith Pool also offers equipment repair services such as replacing pool motors and changing your sand filters. Our services are reliable, and offered by professional pool technicians. We’re also always available to help with pool-related issues you might be experiencing throughout the course of the swim season.

Call us–we can transform your pool from green to clean in far less time than it would take you alone. We also offer vacuuming, leaf removal, or liner brushing services; these helpful services are just a phone call away. With our expert swimming pool services, we can help you take care of your pool with ease. Our pool water treatments, cleaning equipment, and service technicians are top-notch.

Contact us to find out more information about our pool services near you.

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