Pool Security for Above Ground Pools

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Pool Security for Above Ground Pools

If you’re a pool owner, or if you’re thinking about getting an above ground pool, you’re probably picturing lazy Sundays in the water, or a cookout on the deck with your family and friends. Pool security probably isn’t the first thing that is on your mind, but it is something very important to think about. Pools can be dangerous, especially for young children and small animals. It is easy to implement security features for both for your family’s safety and for your own peace of mind.

Make Life-Saving Equipment Easily Reachable

It is a good idea to keep a throwable device close to the pool in the case of an emergency.  Also, it is a good idea to keep a phone close anytime there are people using the pool.  Be ready if an emergency situation does arise while you are enjoying the pool!

Install a Pool Cover

Pool covers are an important part of pool care, especially in the winter, because they prevent debris from falling into and possibly damaging your pool.

However, a good pool cover also offers safety benefits.  First off, it’s a great way to protect your loved ones from accidental drowning. It also discourages intruders; because if the pool’s closed what’s the point of breaking in?

There’s a wide selection of pool safety covers on the market. Mechanical covers are convenient and practical: they work at the touch of a button. Foam covers also provide insulation, so your pool water stays warmer for longer.

Add Pool Lighting

The right choice of lighting can transform your pool area and make it shine. But lighting isn’t just for ambiance. When you’re choosing a lighting scheme for your pool area, you should also keep safety in mind.

A well thought out lighting scheme will let you see all underwater pool areas properly, so you can swim safely even after dark. You should also illuminate steps, pathways and the edge of the pool, so you and your loved ones won’t risk tripping and injuring yourselves.

Install a Security System

Security cameras make it possible for you to keep an eye on your pool area even when you’re away. But don’t just stop there. Make everyone know you mean business by displaying warning signs where everyone can see them.

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