Pool Safety Tips You Need to Know

Pool Safety Tips

Pool Safety Tips You Need to Know

Did you recently install a Memphis pool or spa in your home and want to know what security precautions you need to take?

Have you heard a lot about safety measures that need to be taken to make sure everybody has fun in the pool but in a safe manner?

Spas and swimming pools are a great place for having some great family fun. However, it is important to make sure that everybody is safe. To ensure the safety of everyone , it is important to take the following safety steps when inside or near water:

1. Don’t leave children unattended near or in water

It is important to keep a watch on children when they are near or in water. Leaving them unattended is one of the biggest mistakes. You can keep a check on children yourself or can designate someone as an official water watcher. The only task of this adult should be to watch children in water to keep them safe. They shouldn’t be playing games on their phones, texting or reading. Always have a phone nearby to call someone in case of an emergency. If you find that a child is missing, check the pool first.

2. Teach children to swim

Swimming, besides being a fun activity, is also a life saving skill. Encourage children to learn swimming. Enroll them in swimming lessons. You will find plenty of them in the local circuit.

3. Tell children to stay away from suction outlets and drains

It is important to teach children not to play near suction outlets and drains. Especially when in shallow pools or spas, make sure that there is no missing, loose or broken drain cover. Children’s limbs, hair, bathing suits and jewelry can get stuck in the suction openings or drains. Also make sure that the you know the location of the emergency vacuum shutoff before you get into water.

4. Make sure your pools have a compliant drain cover

Do you know that the drains of pools and spas are so powerful that they can trap an adult? It is very important that all the pools and spas have drain covers that complies with the standards set in the Pool and Spa Safety Act. You can take help from a reputable pool service company in this regards. Having drain covers or gates can be very helpful in avoiding major accidents.

5. Install proper alarms, covers, and barriers around the pool

Having proper barriers, fences and alarms can be lifesaving things in case of emergencies. Make sure there is a barrier at least four feet high around the pool to keep children away from climbing into the pool or falling into it accidentally. Also install a door alarm that rings when someone enters the pool area. Also make sure that the covers of pools and spas are in working condition.

6. Learn how to perform CPR on adults and children

You may face a situation anytime where you have to perform CPR on someone. It is always better to be ready. Learning how to perform CPR can save lives. Classes for CPR are available in many community centers and hospitals.

Safety always comes first when children or adults are in pool having fun. It is therefore important to take care of the safety tips mentioned above to avoid any emergencies.

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