Pool Safety Checklist!

Pool Safety Checklist!

A pool is a perfect place to have a great time with the family and friends. It is a place where you can both relax and exercise at the same time. If you are a pool owner, it is your responsibility that the area remains safe and secure for everyone. Maintaining a swimming pool is not just about testing the quality of water. There are a lot of things you should keep in mind to avoid any mishaps and accidents.

Safety must be at the top of the mind when it comes to swimming pools. Here are seven safety lists that can help you in making your pool safe and secure.

  1. Make sure that children in the pool area remain under adult supervision at all times. Keep close to young kids swimming in the water.
  2. Assign a person wearing a US Coast Guard approved life jacket to keep watch when others are in the pool. Moreover, never allows anyone to swim alone in the waters. Consider installing a pool alarm that goes off when anyone enters the pool without authorization.
  3. Keep the swimming pool area secured with a barrier. Surround the pool with a barrier or fence preferably four feet high that feature self latching and self closing gate.
  4. Consider placing a cover on the hot tub or the pool and remove any ladder when the pool is not in use.
  5. Make sure that the water in the pool is clean. Maintain proper circulation, chemical levels, and filtration. Regularly test the water and chemical levels, and adjust if necessary. This will minimize the risks of serious diseases resulting from contact with dirty water.
  6. Make sure that everyone in the house knows how to swim properly. Consider enrolling them in a swimming course if required.
  7. Make sure that there is an adult around the pool who knows CPR and first aid skills. You can easily learn basic first aid skills online. Consider teaching these skills to every family member who frequently visit the pool.

The above safety tips will go a long way in ensuring that the swimming pool area remains perfectly safe and secure. In case you are thinking about buying a new pool, you must consider an above ground pool. The best thing about this pool is that it is easy to install and maintain. Let Smith pools assist you in selecting the best above ground pool for your house.

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