Pool Products We Recommend

Pool Products

Pool Products We Recommend

In the past, having a pool at home meant headaches for the homeowner. Maintaining one was a lot of work, or you would need a pool cleaner coming regularly to keep it clean. However, times have truly changed, with the whole array of pool products that make sure it is always ready to enjoy. These products are also great for keeping your pool in tip top shape.

Salt Systems

With a salt system installed, you would no longer need those chlorine tablets to keep your pool water sanitary. This is because it uses the salt in the water to create chlorine. One of the best pool products out there, it will reduce the need to maintain the chemical balance of your pool at home.

If you want to use little or no chlorine, another alternative is the Frog Leap Mineral System. It uses minerals to keep the water sanitary so that you would not need as much chlorine. That way, the wear and tear at your swimming pool are also reduced.

Robotic Cleaners 

Say goodbye to those old-school pressure side cleaners that were common decades ago. Robotic cleaners are thorough, easy-to-use and will keep your pool looking clean at all times. Newer models are also much better than ones produced a few years ago. 

Liquid Chlorine 

To keep your pool clean even during summer, you can use liquid chlorine. It is also perfect for maintaining your pool for a low price. 

E-Z Clor Drop Out 

With the right pool products, you would never ever need to hire a pool guy. Instead, just use the products he himself uses. For example, to keep a water clear instead of cloudy, you can opt for E-Z Clor Drop Out.  

Phosphate Remover 

Algae grow in your swimming pool because of the abundance of phosphates coming from the environment. They serve as food for algae and therefore they can reproduce and take over the pool. To stop this, a phosphate remover is best. 

Stain Preventers 

If you get annoyed with different stains on the pool, you can add a stain preventer to avoid it in the first place. Adding it to your weekly chemical routine helps keep the acidity, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness from going over the recommended ranges.  

Pool Liners

A pool liner is definitely a vital aspect of your home swimming pool. Not only does it make your pool look seamless, it also protects the pool itself from algae, bleach and UV damage, and fading. Above ground pool liner replacements are also available to make them longer-lasting.  We proudly carry Katco brand pool liners. 

You can finally fulfill your dream of having your own swimming pool at home without the stress and hassle of maintaining it. Thanks to advanced pool products, you can spend more time enjoying the water rather than cleaning it.

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