Why is Pool Care Important?

Commercial Pool Maintenance

Why is Pool Care Important?

Swimming pools are what everyone wants in their back yards as summer approaches. When the weather turns hot and humid, our love affair with swimming pool becomes even stronger.But to keep that love alive, you have to take good care of your pool.

To keep your pool functioning for years to come, regular maintenance is necessary. Failing to maintain it for even a short period could cause costly repairs and service calls.The simple answer?Take good care of your pool!

2 Reasons Pool Care is Important

  • It helps your pool last for many years; without proper care, a pool can fall into disrepair after only a few years.
  • To keep the pool safe and healthy, chemicals in the right amounts are needed, so that the pool is safe and clean for human use. Any floating objects should also be removed so that they do not cause harm to the pool, the filter, or its users.

There are several things that should be done regularly to maintain your pool; here are steps to follow to keep your pool happy.

How to Maintain Your Pool

Skim for Debris

This is done with a net attached to a long handle. Drag the net slowly across the surface of the water so that you collect any unwanted particles floating there. This can help keep the water clear and clean, and it is easy enough that you can do it frequently–especially when the pool is being used often and by many people.


There are aquatic vacuums that can clean the bottom of your pool. They sweep the floor and take out objects lying at the bottom. Vacuuming, combined with skimming, ensures the entire pool is free of foreign particles.

Adjust Chemicals

The pool contains specially formulated chemicals, to keep the water carefully balanced. You have to ensure they are always in the correct ranges and amounts; test on a daily basis and adjust them at least once every week. The most important levels are pH and chlorine. These two are the indicators of whether your pool is safe or not.

Clean the Filter

Clean the filter in your pool daily. Remove any objects trapped in it, so that it can filter better, and water can pass through properly. This will also help prolong the life of your pool.

These are the basics of what is involved in taking care of a pool. And while each pool is different and unique, it is important that you find out about the tips to care for your specific pool and the latest technologies that are best for maintenance.

Contact us to talk to a professional pool attendant and learn how we can care for your pool.

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