Pick The Right Pool For You!

Pick The Right Pool For You!

Swimming is a cooling exercise that everyone can enjoy as long as they know how to do it. To have an enjoyable time in the water, one needs to know the right size and favorite shape for them to have a memorable experience.
Swimming pools vary in depth, width, length as well as the shape. The level of expertise, the age of the person and their preference can guide one on the type of swimming pool to be constructed. Installing a swimming pool can be a tasking exercise and investing in an above ground swimming pools can be worthwhile. The following tips will guide you to pick the right swimming pool for you.

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pool


1. Space Availability

Above Ground Swimming Pools can take a lot of space whether one will use a deck or not. The available space will guide one to choose a pool that will comfortably fit without eating up all the remaining space in the compound. Adding up the pool width to that of the deck and then add a few extra feet all round, will be the best way of determining the space needed.

2. Ground Level

An above ground pool needs to be installed on a leveled flat ground if one is to have equal pool water levels. Swimming will be more comfortable with a pool that is installed on a flat service. One will get difficulties adjusting their swimming on a pool that has lots of water on one side and less water on another side. Having a yard that is not leveled cannot deter one from acquiring above ground swimming pools for their family. An inclined yard just needs prior preparations before installing the pool. A flat surface should be built up in the swimming pools area.

3. Cost of the Pool

The pools come at varying prices depending on the type, size or the brand. A pool that will be permanently installed will cost you more than one that can be installed and uninstalled. May pool stores like Smith Pools and Spas have showrooms that stock the different types of pools.  Stop by and take a look at the different pools and how the prices different between each.


The convenience that comes with having an own swimming pool is worth buying an above ground swimming pools! However, one should always remember to maintain the pool for safety and purchase the right one for your space.  If you are looking at installing a new above ground pool, give us a call today!

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