Pacific Pool

Installation Package includes:  leveling pool site up to 6” off level ($15 per inch over 6”), stone tile supports under bottom connector plates, assembling pool frame, VERMICULITE for under liner, nut grass killer for under liner, installing liner, assembling the sand filter system within 5′ of pool, concrete blocks for filter system, assembling steps with ladder.  NO SAND loads are needed for our pool installations.

New for 2023 Pool purchases… install PERMANENT POOL COVE before liner installation, and HARD PIPE filter system within 5′ of pool with quick disconnect unions after pool is full.  POOL COVE PROVIDES BETTER SUPPORT UNDER THE LINER AND HARD PIPING ELIMINATES CHEAP FILTER HOSES THAT TEND TO LEAK AND BREAK.

Installation Package does not include:  extra travel charges, leveling over 6” off level, 110v electrical outlet for filter system, any applicable permits.

Round Sizes2023 Clearance Sale Pricing
15’     SOLD OUT
18’     Call or Text
21’     Call or Text
24’     Call or Text

Call 662-510-2764 or Text to 833-750-0333 

Pacific Pool Packages include the following items:

Pool frame and wall, stainless steel panel, 20 mil print liner, thru wall skimmer and return fitting, pvc unions and fittings, permanent pool cove, sand filter system, steps with outside ladder, vacuum head, vacuum hose, 16’ telescopic pole, net, test strips, startup chemicals.

Superior Installation Package Included – Vermiculite for underneath the liner, leveling the site up to the first 6″, Nutgrass Killer underneath the liner, hard pipe the filter system within 5′ of the pool, pool cove for under the liner, and pool school.

Not included – Chemicals for the season, Winter Supplies, and Local Sales Tax.

The Pacific pool style from Cornelius pools has been a popular pool for us for about 10 years.  With a smooth gray wall pattern and light colored frame, this pool will look great even with years of the Mid-South summer sun and heat.  Proper water chemistry maintenance is a key to making this pool last.  Space
Manufacturer Warranty Information Cornelius 3 full years / 25 prorated years (Saltwater not covered)
Wall Composition Outside Wall – Galvanized steel with Weather Resistant Base Paint plus Krystal Kote. Inside Wall – Corrosion resistant primer plus polyester protective top coat.
Frame Composition 7” steel w polyester base paint plus clear Krystal Kote topcoat, 6” steel w polyester base paint plus clear Krystal Kote topcoat, Steel top connector, top and bottoms rims, injected resin bottom connectors.
Stainless Steel Panel Yes, on all sizes
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