Our Top Tips for Opening Season


Our Top Tips for Opening Season

The increasing temperature is an invitation from the summer season for all pool lovers to get ready to cool off. The time calls for pitchers of lemonade and iced tea to be set up next to your pool chairs while you take a dip.

Pool opening in Memphis is like a ritual. Before going for a dip in the water, you need to make sure you have opened your pool using the proper procedure. Why is it important to open a pool properly before going for a swim? Every pool, when being used for the first time of the season, needs to be prepared and checked for safety.

Here are some of our tips for opening your above ground pool!

Check your chemicals

Before opening a pool, it is a good idea to do an inventory check on all your pool chemicals and check the expiration dates on them. A chemical bottle needs to be properly sealed and stored for it to be effective. Checking all the chemicals will save you multiple trips to the pool stores, as you can get all that you need in one trip for the whole summer. All the chemicals you need can be bought from us, at Smith Pools.

Remove and store your pool cover

During the time that the pool cover has been on, it may have gotten filled with water. When removing the pool cover, it is important not to mix this water with the pool water. We suggest pumping the water off the cover and then to lay it over a slanted surface to drain the excess. Before pumping the water, remove the leaves or any other debris that has accumulated on the cover over time. This can be done using a pool net easily available at all pool stores.

After removal, wash off the cover with a detergent and leave it to dry. Do not leave the cover on the grass as it will block the sunlight reaching the grass, causing it to die. Fold or roll up the cover and store it in a dry place and place moth balls with it to avoid insects.

Check the pool for damage

Pools can be damaged when not in use for a long time. If you have a vinyl lined pool, make sure it does not have any tears. If it does, repair them yourself with a patch kit or give us a call. Fiberglass or concrete pools should be checked for cracks and leaks as they can be a problem when adding chemicals to your pool. Minor repairs may be fixed yourself but it is better to consult a pool maintenance company like us, to do it for you.

Check the filter

Before turning it on, it is better to check the filtration system for any problems. Clean out the system and fill it with water if required.

Turn on the filter

Turn on the filter for about 24 hours, after which the old and new water of the pool will be mixed well enough for you to test it. Bring in a water sample and we’ll be happy to test it for you.The alkalinity and PH level of the water must be taken into consideration before adding chemicals to it. Run the filter for a few more days and after the debris has been cleared, jump in.

Emergency kit

An emergency and first aid kit should always be available at the poolside in case of accidents. The equipment should be restocked and prepared for use before you open up your pool for a safer swimming experience.

Opening the pool is not the most fun task, but it is necessary to fight the hot humid weather. Following these steps will make sure that you have a cool, fun filled summer. For assistance with pool openings, contact us at (901) 372-3639.

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