Our Top 10 Pool Safety Tips for Summer

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Our Top 10 Pool Safety Tips for Summer

Having a pool in the summer is like a blessing. Whenever you feel like beating the heat, jump in and cool yourself down. In areas like Memphis, the hot and humid weather can have you running for shade, but the shade does not cool you like a dip in the water will. With all the fun that you can have in the summer, it is also necessary to take into account the Memphis above ground pool safety tips.

Here are the 10 tips that you should follow to have a fun and safe summer in Memphis:

1. Fence It Up

If you have installed an above ground pool in your home, you should consider fencing the boundaries of the pool. The fence restricts access to the pool and can help keep elderly, children and pets safe. Above ground pools are at a height which is why a fence is necessary to avoid injuries by falling off the platform.

2. Install Ladders And Steps

Install and check ladders regularly to see if they are properly fixed. Getting in and out of the pool can be dangerous if not done using ladder or steps.

3. Don’t Walk Around

Walking around on the pool platform is dangerous as it can cause slips and injuries. Avoid walking around the pool unnecessarily.

4. Don’t Sit On The Edges

Sitting on the edge of the platform can seem like a lot of fun but it is also very dangerous as it can cause the pool platform to collapse. It can also cause slips and serious injuries.

5. Install A Pool Alarm

When the pool is not in use or under supervision, installing a pool alarm can help avoid accidents with children or animals. It can also detect intruders. The alarm works on a key system, inserting the key activates it and removing the key deactivates.

6. Depth Markings

Having depth markers always let the person swimming how far they can go and beyond what point they can be in danger. It is also safe for children if you guide them to not go beyond a certain marker

7. Signs For Safety

Have signs that specify the kind of things the pool is not suitable for. No Jumping, No Diving, No running to keep reminding people that a pool can be a dangerous area if you are not careful.

8. Safety Equipment

Have lifesaver rings and floaters available to facilitate someone in need of assistance.

9. Professional Help

Whenever electrical work is required around the pool, do not do it yourself. Hire a licensed electrician to take care of these things.

10. The Classic

This is the golden rule when it comes to swimming anywhere. Wait at least an hour after eating to go in to the pool.

For more information on Memphis above ground pool safety visit the Smith Pools website.

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