Our Quick Start Guide to Breaking in Your Pool for Summer

Time to break in your pool

Our Quick Start Guide to Breaking in Your Pool for Summer

Pool novices might assume the process of getting your pool ready for summer merely entails a few celebratory cannonballs. Those who have a handful of summer seasons under their belts realize that an actual reopening requires some elbow grease and planning. Whether you’re a newbie or semi-professional, review our quick start guide to kick off swimming season.

Do the Initial Clean Up

Start by removing any stray limbs or leaves that have fallen onto your pool cover. Next, clean out the filters and baskets. Make sure your filtration system is good to go. Be sure to check if any cartridges need to be replaced. Finally, remove any plugs from when you closed down the pool for winter.

Test the Water

Your water may need to be adjusted after a long winter vacation. Figuring out what you need to add is as simple as gathering a sample. Take the sample to the experts at Smith Pools. They’ll be able to tell you the pH, alkalinity and overall mineral content. This is one area you definitely don’t want to skimp on.

Check the Condition of the Liner

The liner is one of the key factors required for a happy, functional pool. If yours is frayed, cracked, torn or otherwise in bad shape, you may be letting in more debris than you expect. A damaged liner can also mean losing more water than you realize. Bring photos of your liner to the professional to discuss options for repair and replacement.

Touch Up the Landscaping

Let me paint a picture for you. You’ve completed all the hard work of cleaning your pool and getting it prepped for what’s sure to be a fantastic summer season. To celebrate, you decide to take a dip. After a few refreshing laps, you look around you. What do you see?

Hopefully, it’s well-manicured lawn with flowers in full bloom. If you picture yourself seeing piles of fallen branches, knocked over pots and other remnants of disarray, your job isn’t finished quite yet. Give your backyard a makeover too to complete the final look.

For more ideas on how to celebrate summer time, read our post on the best in waterproof gadgets and accessories.


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