Off-Season Pool Care

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Off-Season Pool Care

Get the Memphis Pool Service You Need to Keep Your Pool Clean During the Off-Season

A swimming pool is a nice and luxurious part of your home. It holds a lot of benefits you’ll be able to reap. Not only can you get to enjoy with the family, but it makes for a great way to relax and exercise. But when it comes to owning a swimming pool, you will need to make sure that you also focus on pool maintenance. You could also hire a Memphis pool service to handle the maintenance and save you time and energy. If you’re wondering how you can care for the pool yourself, we will show you some tips you will be able to follow.

These tips come from pool care professionals, so you rest assured that these are effective ways on how to keep your pool clean and looking great during the off-season!

How to Keep Your Above Ground Pool Looking Great

While pool covers exist, you should do more to maintain the quality of the water.

  • Invest in the right pool products to keep your water clean and in good quality. It’s best to add a mid-winter algaecide to avoid algae from building up. Run the pump of your pool for a whole day and shut it down just in time for winter.
  • Before winter starts, check your system and make sure that everything is in good condition. Drain the water from all forms of equipment to avoid it from freezing and cracking. This may end up breaking the system if left undone.
  • Drain water about 4-6 inches below the skimmer. This is to avoid the scum that may build up.
  • Trim the trees before adding your pool cover to avoid it from falling and creating holes on the cover.
  • Make sure that your pool cover is clean throughout the whole winter season. You can choose to vacuum it or regularly pick off the falling debris that may come its way.
  • Add chlorine to your pool during the fall.
  • Make sure that your safety cover fits your pool properly. Invest on the proper-sized and quality pool cover that would keep debris and other chemicals away from the water.
  • Check the weather. If ever it is mild and warm, it’s best to add more chlorine and algaecide to avoid excessive build-up of scum and other icky materials.
  • Enzyme chemicals may help prevent contamination. This contamination can come from pollen, droppings, or body oils that were left from using it the last season. This will help avoid scum and the extra work having to scrub it during spring.
  • Make sure that your winter cover is free of any debris to avoid it sinking down the pool or letting it stick to it. You can invest in an air pillow that will help protect both your cover and pool better.
  • Always check your cover throughout the winter season. If you have an air pillow, ensure that it still has the right amount of air. Also, always check the water level of the pool, as small leaks may end up with you losing a lot in the long run.
  • There are winterizing pool products that helps prevent growth of bacteria and organisms that would harm your pool. Look for those that will last for long periods of time, as you will be leaving the pool under the covers for a few weeks. Make sure that when you open the pool, it isn’t TOO warm. This may end up with algae and bacteria growing faster if you open up when the temperature rises!
  • Pool service is also a great way to make sure it’s clean. You won’t need to waste time and effort doing it yourself. Smith Pools will ensure it is done efficiently and with professionalism you deserve.

The Benefits of Having A Memphis Pool Service 

While you will be able to care for you pool on your own, there are a ton of benefits you can reap when getting pool maintenance or any sort of service from Smith Pools and Spas! Here are some of them:

  • You or your helper may not be very knowledgeable on how to properly care for your pool. This may end up destroying it in the long run! With the proper pool services, you’ll have a professional do it for you without hassle.
  • You will get to save the time and energy instead of doing it on your own. Plus, you will also get a good package from the proper pool services, such as regular maintenance or other repair services.
  • Pool services are affordable and a great way to keep your pool clean without the need to overspend.

You can find many companies who offer pool maintenance online, but Smith Pools and Spas has been a trusted name for many years. Learn why more people trust Smith Pools when it comes to caring for your pool. 

In Conclusion

When it comes to above ground pool maintenance, you will want to make sure you do it the right way. You can do it yourself with the best pool products and by investing in a quality pool cover. Or, you can hire a company who will do regular pool servicing throughout the year.

Hopefully, these tips on how to keep your pool well taken cared of during the off-season helped you become more knowledgeable on pool care and what you can do. So what are you waiting for? Give Smith Pools and Spas a call today to keep your pool clean and ready to use for the next season.

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