Nordic Makes Better Hot Tubs. Here’s Why:

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Nordic Makes Better Hot Tubs. Here’s Why:

For over 20 years, Nordic has been the go-to brand for therapeutic hot tubs. But are they as special as they’re made out to be?

Or is it all just marketing propaganda?

Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why Nordic hot tubs – ahem – blow the competition out of the water.

  1. Whirlpool Circular Motion

Different brands of hot tub all have their proprietary technology, but most work in the same basic way: they pump water from the tub’s surface through a heating system and then re-release it into the tub via jets. The jets may be adjustable; higher quality hot tubs have jets that can mix the heated water with air to increase the stream’s strength (a technique called air induction).

Nordic hot tubs take this basic mechanism a step further. Their high flow water jets are combined with a whirlpool that gives the water a circular motion. As a result, a Nordic hot tub can massage both the front and back parts of the body.

Whirlpool technology also allows the water to reach and massage muscles and joints that would have otherwise been overlooked. This makes hot tub therapy that much more effective.

  1. Plug and Play Installation

Many hot tubs require specially hard wired circuits that are entirely dedicated to the tub, so installing a hot tub will often entail costly electrical work by a suitably qualified electrician.

Many cities will also have their own particular code for using specific types of electrical conduit. This means you’ll have to do your research and contact your local building department, as otherwise you’ll risk falling foul of the law.

Nordic hot tubs are designed to work with a standard 110V electrical outlet, so installing them is as easy as it gets. Just plug it to a standard outlet and dip in. No fuss.

  1. The Robb Report Says So

The Robb Report surely needs no introduction. It’s been the definitive authority on premium products for over 40 years.

So if the Robb Report says that Nordic Hot Tubs are one of the best brands of hot tub around, there must be something to it. Right?

Are you looking for a Nordic hot tub at an affordable price? Contact our team at Smith Pools today.

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