Why Nordic Hot Tubs Are Your Best Choice When It Comes To Home Spas

Nordic Hot Tub

Why Nordic Hot Tubs Are Your Best Choice When It Comes To Home Spas

The most luxurious hot tub experience ever can now be yours for the most affordable prices ever. Nordic hot tubs and spas provide full relaxation and a perfect experience for a party or get together with friends.

Nordic Hot Tubs in Memphis are available in numerous designs and colors to cater to your preferences and comfort. Hot tubs have been around for thousands of years, in different forms and shapes. They were used by the ancient Greeks for their healing powers.

Nordic spas have taken that Greek art and created new modern hot tubs so the World can reap the benefits of the ancient ways of healing today.

A wide selection from 2-person hot tubs to 8-person hot tubs are available for your use.

Every seat in the hot tubs are carefully designed to give you the ultimate resting experience, while the jets’ hot water massages your back and brings total rejuvenation. Awfter a hard day’s work, you only need an hour in the Nordic Hot tub to get you going and make you feel refreshed again.


Rendezvous LS

One of Nordic spa’s deluxe models is the Rendezvous LS. This hot tub can have your whole family relaxing and enjoying the therapeutic jets that were created by Nordic to make you feel completely at peace. The overall design of the spa is in a Rounded square form, but the seating arrangement is in the form of a diamond. This is so everyone can easily relax and converse with each other without having to put in too much effort in moving their neck.

D’Amour SE

Nordic understands that hot tubs are a place where sparks happen which is why they have also designed the D’Amour SE for the seating of two people to enjoy some private time while they relax and enjoy the hot water massaging their backs. The beauty about this model is that it is shaped like a heart and the literal English translation of the French word D’Amour is “Of love.”

Jubilee SE

One of Nordic’s most popular models is the Jubilee SE. This is the hot tub for the whole family. It offers perfect design for 6 adults and will have you laughing and talking while relaxing in the hot water. The Jubilee SE is also known to come with shelves on the side to hold your drink glass and a stereo if needed. Another Model of the Jubilee, the Jubilee LS comes fitted with a Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy your favorite music while you relax.

For Nordic Hot Tubs in Memphis, there are plenty of other variations and models available for you to choose from. The experts at Smith Pools and Spas will help you pick out the best model for your needs. Whether you’re a party animal or just someone who would like to enjoy a nice relaxing night alone, Nordic has a hot tub and spa to fulfill everyone’s needs.