Nordic Hot Tubs

Considering A Nordic Hot Tub?

Have you ever wondered why we are always inclined towards spa treatments? Every time the word spa comes up, we get this image of hot steamy tub and our muscles relaxing with the whirlwind of water. Hot tubs are our ultimate escape; they help us relax in more than one way. Space Nordic Hot Tubs has provided excellent quality hot tubs since 1995. Their tubs are not only aesthetically appealing but also therapeutic. They are budget-friendly hot tubs that offer hydrotherapy. Space Their exclusive Dual Therapy System gives them an edge over other hot tub manufacturers. Their hot tubs have a unique mechanism that increases the water flow and the jets set inside the tub allows it to move in circular motions. When the water is flowing in a circular motion at high speed, it become the perfect combination for joint and muscle relief. Nordic Spas are one of the top five hot tub manufacturing companies in the world. All their tubs are custom made with love and care. From the material to the design, everything used in these tubs are of superior qualities. These hand crafted tubs are affordable and extremely comfortable. Space You might think what differentiates Nordic tubs from others? They are here to provide you comfort and luxury without costing you a fortune. Their premium quality hot tubs are durable and comfortable. Here are few of the benefits of using Nordic tubs: Space
  • First things first, their tubs are designed in a way that it can help in therapy. The individual jet therapy focuses on targeted areas as well as the entire body, giving you relief and comfort.
  • It is a rational choice because it provides you with hydrotherapy at a budget friendly price. Some competitors offer the same technology at much higher prices.
  • If you are an arthritis patient, the Nordic hot tub can miraculously decrease your pain. The buoyancy of the bubbling water provides the joints with enough warmth, making them flexible. As the joint stress is reduced because of the warm water, it becomes easier to move.
  • Other tubs are more focused on jets placed near the sitting place; they have forgotten how important it is to have a circular motion. Their tub allows the water to move in a circular motion which targets, both, the front and the back of the user.
  • Nordic Hot Tubs come with a lifelong warranty.


Nordic Retreat Hot Tub has an unbeatable value with an array of benefits. This hot tub is designed for up to 5 adults. You can have some quality family time using this tub or simply use it for one of your parties. The choice is up to you. Individuals and married couples love using the Retreat after a tiring day at work. They find it helpful as it reduces stress and tiredness. Space The Retreat is equipped with Nordic’s exclusively owned DTS technology. What the Dual therapy system does is that it targets the whole body with its unique water flow. Instead of focusing on specific areas alone, the Retreat targets the entire body providing an intense speed for hydrotherapy. Space The seat’s specific placement of jets takes the water massage from being ordinary to extra ordinary. The jets placed at the back, focus on several pressure points making it extremely comfortable and relaxing for the user. The foot jets on the other hand, soothe sour feet with its intense pressure. If you have been standing for an entire day and your feet are now swollen, then Retreat will be a treat for your feet. Another great thing about retreat is that it has barrier free benches. So, instead of 5 people enjoying the hot water, 3 people can relax comfortably. Space From shell colors to dimensions, everything can be customized. It has a total of 28 jets along with a controlling pad. The tub comes with the standard LED light however; you can get the northern light package as well.

The Nordic Impulse Hot Tub has a round design which is perfect as your first hot tub. This super affordable yet trendy hot tub is everything you need if it is your first purchase. This tub is barrier free and can cater up to 6 people. In this whirlpool of warm swirling water, you can drain stress and tensions out of our body. It is great for relaxing and enjoying.
The Robb Report mentioned our tubs as one of the top 5 spas to relax and enjoy worldwide. The DTS alleviates the entire body from soreness. These tubs not only provide you with the ever classic hydrotherapy, it also provides you with the whirlpool therapy.
All our tubs are made with finest materials from around the world. The components used in our hot tubs are of the same quality as professional spas. However, this one time investment will save you a lot of money.
If you are interested in buying high quality hot tubs at economical prices then visit the Smith Pools & Spas showrooms. You can always contact us for any further questions!