How to Make Your Above Ground Pool a Backyard Oasis

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How to Make Your Above Ground Pool a Backyard Oasis

Above ground pools aren’t what they used to be and that’s a good thing! These swimming pools have undergone a lot of changes in recent years and can now make for a stylish addition to your backyard. Embrace the new versions and get inspired to enhance your lawn as well. With these decorating ideas, you’ll soon have the backyard of your dreams. A little oasis behind your home is sure to become your favorite relaxation spot.

Frame Your Pool

One of the biggest mistakes people make is installing their above ground pool and failing to care for their backyard. It’s a bit like making a flat-screen television the centerpiece of an otherwise bare room. While all eyes are likely to be on your lovely pool, you’ve got to give the piece of a nice backdrop to work with.

While decks are one of the most effective ways to frame your pool, there are other ways you can enhance its appearance. First, make sure your lawn is well cared for. Take time to cut and trim the grass, filling in bare patches as needed. It sounds basic,  but these simple steps are the foundation for a healthy, beautiful backyard. Next, frame the pool with large or small pebbles as you like. Grey stones look particularly charming against stainless steel pools. A walkway can be made with smooth stones, bordered by low shrubs on each side.

Make Your Outside Porch Shabby-Chic

Sure, you may spend a lot of time gazing at your pool but, have you ever considered how it looks from the opposite angle? Once you have your lawn cared for, it may be time to spruce up your porch. You’ll want both a cozy place for guests to sit in and a piece of eye candy for them to enjoy from the pool.

Luckily, improving the appearance of your porch doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. If you guessed a fresh coat of paint is the ideal starting place, you’re correct. Once repainted, you can even use stencils to create a fun and funky pattern on the walls. Hang plants in colorful pots by the edges of the porch to add some greenery. Large, oversized plants give the same effect and can be used to frame patio furniture. Add bright and patterned throw pillows to your furniture for pops of color that don’t break the bank.

Add Personal Touches

You may already have decorative pieces that would fit well in your backyard. Items like colorful glass bottles, mini stone lanterns, and mounted planters are easy to get your hands one. A bottle tree peeking out in your garden is a conversation piece for visitors. Create a miniature garden off to the side of your pool with a small fountain. The sound of running water couldn’t be more relaxing as you dip in the pool. This little pieces come together to make your backyard a place an inviting, personalized place for all who enter.

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