Looking to Buy or Replace Your Hot Tub Cover? Here’s What You Should Know.

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Looking to Buy or Replace Your Hot Tub Cover? Here’s What You Should Know.

High quality hot tub covers don’t come cheap. A good cover is handy, especially if you use heat and chemicals to protect your hot tub from damage and debris, and prolong its lifespan. What’s important is choosing the right hot tub covers not just for your spa, but also your specific needs.

The need to care for your cover to extend its lifespan goes without saying. Ultimately, investing in a high quality hot tub cover and running regular maintenance to protect and prolong its lifespan will go a long way in saving you money.

Top 3 Benefits of Hot Tub Covers

Prevent Loss of Heat, Water and Chemicals

Evaporation causes spa owners to lose water which costs to top up. Furthermore, when water evaporates, it sucks out the heat and chemicals in your spa water, tampering with your levels of sanitization. In turn, the loss of water, heat and chemicals forces your hot tub to work harder to retain water temperature levels.

Hot tub covers without gapping and fit properly can help you prevent evaporation and its effects on your spa. They’ll ensure that your spa chemicals, heat and water are under lock to prevent evaporation.

Prevent Debris from Getting into Your Hot Tub

Leaves, sticks and bugs can easily get into your outdoor hot tub if left open. If it’s an indoor spa, pet hair and dust can easily take control of your tub. Hot tub covers can help keep all the debris, dirt and bugs off your spa water. Moreover, it also ensures that your necessities such as phones do not drop into your hot tub in case they accidentally fall.

Safeguards Your Hot Tub

Although less common, pets and kids can easily drown in hot tubs. Hot tub covers provide a physical barrier to prevent such accidents from occurring. ASTM International-certified hot tub covers have been proven to be safe for preventing tragic accidents in spas by meeting set guidelines and specifications. Buy covers with this certification as a form of safety guarantee.

The Anatomy of Hot Tub Covers

Do you know the anatomy of covers for hot tubs? Do you know what to look for in a good hot tub cover? How does a cover work to offer all the benefits discussed above? Hot tub covers feature removable, vinyl shells you can easily open and close using a zipper. The shells are often made up of two parts linked to each other through a hinge. Each part is solid and made from dense foam.

Outdoor covers feature foams that are thicker at the center on both sides of the hinge, tapering towards the edges to ensure debris falling on it slide off to the ground (this prevents accumulation of debris on the cover). The tapering also helps prevent damages on the cover. Tapered hot tub covers can protect hot tubs from bad weather.

The foam within the shell is covered in double plastic layers, making up the vapor barrier. It ensures that steam or small particles of water vapor do not get to the foam. Hot tub covers also feature steel bars at the center for reinforcement.

Some models have many bars fixed evenly all over the foam for increased sturdiness. Covers also feature tie-down straps and handles for easy handling.

Features of Hot Tubs You Should Know

Knowledge of the features of a hot tub can help you buy a cover that’s of premium quality, effective and has a long lifespan. High density foams are strong and good heat retainers. Thicker foams are good heat retainers and strong enough to handle heavier loads. Although R-value (resistance) of covers are important, foam thickness and density are better quality indicators.

Marine grade vinyl of high weight per square yard is the best material for hot tub covers. For instance, 34 ounces (the highest grade) is the strongest and most resistant to consistent exposure to water. Pre-treat your cover for mildew and UV resistance.

Look for a galvanized steel c-channel running along the width of the cover for increased reinforcement and corrosion resistance. C-channels also offer foam panel protection. Safety locks with a key or in the form of a basic plastic dial can keep your spa safe from kids and pets drowning and when it goes unused even for a season. Don’t forget the two-layer plastic vapor barrier around the foam.

Take the Right Measurements

Buying the right hot tub cover for your spa is important. It needs to fit even around the corners. Measure the length, width, corner radius, fold direction and skirt length of your hot tub to find the right dimensions of the cover to buy. If your tub has built-in sound systems, water features and unique shapes, you might have to order for a custom hot tub cover.

Your manufacturer might ask for a template to create a fitting cover. Make sure you take your measurements twice to confirm that the cover you order fits properly.

Proper Hot Cover Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper hot tub cover maintenance can prolong its lifespan and save you money. Maintain good maintenance and cleaning habits to avoid premature damages resulting from using chemicals, prevent mold and reduce exposure of your hot tub cover in the sun to prevent UV damage.

Clean your hot tub cover daily and twice a month to remove debris and thorough clean to prevent damage such as mold growth, respectively. Cleaning also removes bad odor, and prevents bacterial and mildew growth.

Invest in Fabulous Accessories for Your Hot Tub Cover

Buy hot tub cover lifters, wind straps and cover cap to further protect your hot tub cover and increase its functionality.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Hot Tub Cover?

You need to replace your cover once it becomes waterlogged. A good cover weighs anything between 50 and 75 pounds. If it’s heavier, you need to replace it.

With the knowledge you’ve gained from this article, it’s time to order the right cover for your spa to protect it and prolong its lifespan. In case you’ve got any question, feel free to ask and one of our hot tub experts will get your query answered ASAP.

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