How to Personalize Your Spa for Maximum Comfort

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How to Personalize Your Spa for Maximum Comfort


A spa should be a tranquil oasis: your space to forget the day’s troubles and enjoy some quality me time. A dip in hot water is great place to begin the relaxation process. But how can you enjoy maximum comfort in your spa? Start by personalizing it to your needs and tastes.

Select Your Seating Type

Many people start by considering how many people they’d like their spa to fit. This is a valid place to begin but don’t neglect to think about how you want to sit.

There are a variety of seating types available. The most popular are usually lounge seats, bench seats and pivot seats. As you might have imagined, lounge seats allow you to lie back as if you were on a chaise lounge. Bench seats are made to fit a number of people, sitting upright with feet touching the floor. Finally, pivot seats can turn and move, so you have access to different jets.

Review Spa Models

These days spas are anything but basic. Many companies will carry a range from your standard spa to luxury options. It’s important to consider the different types. You may find that your spa retailer divides them by category, organizing the ones best for hydrotherapy or entertaining. Selecting a category is often the logical first step to narrowing down your options.

Choose Your Jetpacks

The personalization options available for jetpacks seem practically endless! These devices allow you to really crank up the comfort level so don’t skip over this step.

Jetpacks vary in size and arrangement. You may find linear pattern of large ones designed to alleviate neck pain. Smaller jets are often designed to concentrate on specific areas and provide a gentler approach.

They may also be personalized by color, allowing you to create a spa that’s both physically and visually pleasing.

Smith Pools is proud to offer the Bullfrog line of spas. These spas offer plenty of options for personalization so your every spa experience is relaxing and comfortable. To learn more about Bullfrog Spas, give Smith Pools a ring today.

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