How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool All Year Long

swimming pool maintenance

How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool All Year Long

A swimming pool comes in handy when there’s need to cool your body on a hot summer afternoon or exercise to burn some calories. For those in swimming sports, having a swimming pool at their homes presents a good opportunity to practice regularly. All this will not possible if one has a swimming pool that is neglected. There are professionals out there giving Swimming Pool Maintenance services at a fee. Pool professionals come to help as the pool needs detailed maintenance and attention which the owner can fail to provide. Those that are hands-on persons and would love to do the maintenance on their own, the following tips will be of help.

Check on the Pool’s Water Needs

Your swimming pool water PH levels should be maintained in a way that the water is able to neutralize the acidity. Water has a neutral PH of 7 and your water pool should not be far way below or high the neutral level.
Chlorine and calcium levels should be maintained to ensure the water is disinfected and not corrosive. Cyanuric acid is also important as it prevents damaging of chlorine by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The timings of the tests should also be checked for the pool water to remain clean, safe and healthy.

Test the Swimming Pools Water

There are strips that can be bought to help in checking the condition of the swimming pools water. Alkaline, chlorine, pH, and cyanuric acid levels can all be checked by dipping the specific strips in the water.
The strips should be dipped at the area segmented from the skimmer area and it should sit 46cm into the water for approximately 10 seconds. Color readings should be checked against the sample on the packaging and in case there is a mismatch, the water should be adjusted with the necessary components to match the sample.

Pool Chemical Application

Your swimming pool will need chlorine, shocking products, and algaecide to remain safe for the swimmer. Chlorine disinfects the water while shocking products keep the pool water clear and free from eye irritation.
Algaecide gets rid of all algae and plants that can make your swimming pool their habitation. There are rules to be followed when applying the chemicals as one need to be sure of their safety.

Maintain the Filters

The pool should be clean at all the times and picking of debris manually is one way of maintaining a clean water surface. The pools water level should always be maintained ½ way or 1/3 way up. The water level should neither be too high or too low to maintain the skimmer. The swimming pool water should be refilled before vacuuming or backwashing to retain the water levels. The filters should be maintained clean as they are necessary tools in Swimming Pool Maintenance


Your pool should be well maintained to keep it attractive and welcoming to swimmers.  If you are interested in professional pool maintenance service, give Smith Pools a call today!

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