How to Incorporate Your Spa Into Your Fitness Routine

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How to Incorporate Your Spa Into Your Fitness Routine

Trying to get in shape? Whether you’re a beginner or long time gym buff, a spa can make your fitness routine that much more successful. Check out how with these three handy tips.

Practice Hydrotherapy

One of the most beneficial aspects of owning a spa is the chance to practice hydrotherapy, a form of therapy that focuses on practicing exercises in the water. It is often used to treat arthritis but can be used to cut down on soreness as well.

If you’ve just started exercising or are revving up your routine, you’ll love the way a long soak in you spa reduces lactic acid buildup. It also improves circulation and helps you to heal faster from injuries. To reap the maximum benefits, use the massages and jets to soothe tired muscles. You may also want to combine the practice with aromatherapy to lower feelings of stress and anxiety.

Get Some Exercise In

You can actually get a great workout in your spa! To freshen up your fitness routine, try some strength training moves.

The backwards push-up is great place to begin. The backwards push-up, or chair dip, can be performed here. Simply use the edge of the spa to lift your body up and down, bending at the elbow. You’ll want to be sure the surface of the unit is dry. This exercise works your triceps.

You can also bring a small pair of weights to practice your favorite moves. Always stretch properly to loosen up.

Socialize and Chill Out with Workout Buddies

Want to combine exercise with a little fun? After a workout class, invite your friends to relax in your spa. Chances are you won’t have to ask twice.

This gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself by exercising and socializing. A spa is the ideal place to chill out with friends, de-stress and make new memories together.

To learn more the benefits of spas, contact us at Smith Pools. Our team of experts will be happy to help you find the perfect one!

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